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Thread: Start All over . . . again?

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    Default Start All over . . . again?

    Hi all!

    I have been here before, but now i am in VERY different circumstances. I have taken a full time job. The opportunity came about and for once it fit, so I took it. I'm teaching school. It is a private school where my kids attend and the schedule works for our family. This is the first time I've EVER worked full time which has taken some getting used to but i LOVE Teaching.

    I am surprised though at how much I miss my business. I don't have time to deal with lots of one-to-one clients as I used to do ( I did mostly VA work, websites, etc) but I've always wanted to give niche sites and affiliate marketing a real go and feel that this might be the only type online business I could do with a full time job.

    My question is how do I choose a niche and where to start.

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    Hi Alyssa - great to see you back!

    A niche affiliate site DOES give you the freedom and flexibility to work at your own pace. I only work an hour a day at the most on my blog, for example. This post has a 10-step checklist for getting started and setting up a niche affiliate site/blog:

    On choosing a niche/topic, see this post first:

    I look forward to seeing what you decide & brainstorming with you again!
    Lynn Terry
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    adavant Guest


    Ok so brainstorming a niche . . .

    THings I enjoy - - -
    website stuff
    online business

    Things i"m good at - - obviously this has alot to do with those things I enjoy
    website stuff

    Things I would like to get into learn more about - -
    eating healthy

    Do any of these stand out?

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    ...all of it does! ;-)

    Last month I was in the same boat. I like a lot of things...but I somewhat narrowed it down to cooking, vacations and sketching. I received some advice to 'merge' things - like Lynn's "travel" and "low carb".

    I'm a work in progress...but I just decided to go for it and start 'doing' instead of 'reading'. lol
    I've only got the 'cooking' stuff going right now...but hopefully it will expand in the future.

    Everything Eileen

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    Hi Alyssa,

    I apologize for taking so long to get back to you - have been traveling and in & out of the office. My question for you is: If you were living your ideal life one year from now, or five years from now, how would you be spending your days? Even if it seems unobtainable, or out of reach, what one thing would you most love to spend your time doing?
    Lynn Terry
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