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    Default Covers for my book

    Care to give your thoughts on my book cover. I can't make up my mind. I don't know how to upload them here, so I made a photo album. This is the link. Book Covers here

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    I like 6 the best. The blocks of color add interest to the design for me. It looks more professional.

    One test that I use is to see if the image can be read when it is teeny tiny because that's the size people will see when they look on Amazon(assuming you will be selling it there) I would make the writing darker and in an easier to read font when the image is seen very small. Actually, your font is easy to read so maybe it needs to be bigger and darker. Make the words 'love Story' big enough to read when it's small. How's that for a rambling answer? Hope it made some sense.

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    hi RLeigh
    I kinda find them all the same. I think the internet is so visual that you've only got a second to get people to keep looking at your product and I think at the moment it's too vague. Perhaps some bolder fonts?? I love the colours tho, but i'm a girl, is that your target market? If I had to choose one it would be no.2, but overall, they're pretty much the same to me, very pretty!


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    ok, see what you think - might be a bit bold for you, but remember, it needs to be in a glance!


    Uploaded with

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    Kate inspired me to play with the book cover as well. When you look at this very small you see a handsome, romantic man (which draws the eye) and the title very clearly. There is a reason why the best selling romance novels have handsome, sexy men on the covers.It was just a quick job with a comp image from dreamstime. I would take the borders off the pink area and put a small border around the whole thing but it's Sunday morning

    OK, now back to work.

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    yes yes - I love it!!! Look at that guys smirk!! perfect! Now you're thinking...

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    Hi Rhonda - well done with the bouquet - I think it looks very natural.

    I personally like #6 and here are my thoughts:

    1. The colour of the background box and the text are too similar. BE BOLD! Sorry, that wasn't a shout at you
    how about using Hex colour #751729 or #583136 and then place the white text on top. Or do it the other way around and have the text in these darker colours.

    2. I like the font you've used on this one because it's easy to read ( I have a bit of a thing about readability, but I'm off the page/website if I have to work too hard to read something).
    You could try nice fat, juicy fonts like Georgia, Belfast Heavy, Bambi Bold, or something a little rounded like Trade Gothic Std.

    3. When you say a 'traditional' romance, what do you mean? I'm not that keen on that 'smirky' guy that Sherri dug up (LOL) but I think her sentiment is spot on. Did you have a look at some other book covers in the Romance section of Amazon?

    I do hope that this has been some help and I'm sure you can incorporate your bouquet

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    Noticed you put this in the main Internet marketing forum. Did you mean to put it in the elite group section? It might be better there for personal brainstorming. Just let me know, thanks.

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    Angie, perhaps you're right about putting my post in the Elite forum. I was just thinking more people would see it in the main forum.

    I do like the way Sherry and Kate have put the text in blocks.

    The covers, except one, are the same, except for fonts and colors. A couple have a hue (not what it's called in Gimp)
    over the whole page (like the one Kate used.)

    I shall go back and try Sherry and Kate's ideas and Caroline's fonts and colors,

    Thanks everyone.



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