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Thread: ooo, ooo, ooo what is Squidoo?

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    Default ooo, ooo, ooo what is Squidoo?

    Sorry couldnt resist the title!!

    I have been searching searching for marketing tips and have come across Squidoo. It looks simple to set up but then I guess I will need to promote my Squidoo page to get any visitors.

    So Im thinking why not just promote my website in the first place or will the fact of having a page on a domain as powerful as Squidoo be enough to get some benefit?

    Can anyone who knows Squidoo help, even if just a little?

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    You definitely want your own web property (your own website). Squidoo would be an addition to help with link building.

    I don't use Squidoo so don't have tips but I'm sure others will.

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    Squidoo is owned by marketing genius seth Godin who is very close to Google so you can calculate the Google love that site has got already....
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    Quote Originally Posted by gushy0202 View Post
    Squidoo is owned by marketing genius seth Godin
    That I didn't know, although I had seen some posts on there by him.


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