I made it back from Virginia safely yesterday, but the weather was really getting nasty when I left. I'm definitely keeping my U.S. East Coast friends in mind this week as we all watch Hurricane Sandy cut her path...

My weekend adventure was fabulous, by the way. I enjoyed some much needed personal time, and also did a lot of Q4 Brainstorming. I came home feeling refreshed, motivated and inspired!

While there I shot a couple of videos I wanted to share with you.

The first is an interview with Kevin Horn, which I think you'll *really* enjoy:


The second video is actually on my personal video blog, but it's all about "Embracing The Process" when it comes to goal setting and success:


(Be sure to see the related videos/links below that video too.)

As I mentioned in my last email, my new report is now off the market and no longer available to the public. It will remain available to Elite Members in my Private Brainstorming Group in the "Free Downloads" section there.

If you're not a ClickNewz Elite Member, and you're interested in joining us, see:


I really look forward to hearing your comments on the videos. Kevin gives some great insight as someone who went from no website and no product... to making his first sale online!