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Thread: Looking for custom header/banner or wordpress theme

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    Question Looking for custom header/banner or wordpress theme

    At the suggestion of Lynn Terry, I am looking at getting either a custom header/banner or wordpress theme for my site Trying to get an idea of what this will cost. Please check my website if you are interested and then we can talk further. I have a graphic that was designed for a related project but never used. I also have a headshot or two that can be used. Since my site is technical in nature, Lynn has suggested that I have my certifications listed in some manner.

    Graphics is not my strongsuit or I would try to do this myself.

    Ron Nutter

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    Hey Ron, I'm going to let my friend Stevan Sheets know about your need. He does a lot of great print and online design work for me (for my day job) at a great price.



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