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Thread: I think I need some motivation...

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    Default I think I need some motivation...

    I've been adsence for about a month because I've been working feverishly on some niche sites.

    ...when I saw Lynn being mentioned along with Ed Dale I thought I'd give Ed's 30 Day Challenge a try. I now have (5) niche sites out with over 10,000 words of unique content on myBlog, Squidoo and EzineArticles for each niche. I feel like I've really worked these sites - good content, nice appearance, lots of consistent backlinking. I regularly post to - posterous, blogger, tumbler, etc. I even have some content ranking on pages 2-3 in Google. I've been tinkering with internet marketing for a while...but I've really been focused on these niche sites for the last 6-8 weeks.

    Here's my frustration: I haven't even reached 50 visitors on one of these sites yet, I have no mailing list signups....and I have zero, zilch, notta as far as income goes. (...that's with affiliate products, AdSense AND even my own products!)

    I need a reality check...

    1. Am I the norm? (...1 out of 1000 make a profit?!?)
    2. Am I picking horrible markets? (, athletics, do-it-yourself, legal, holiday)
    3. Am I just expecting too much too soon? (...instant gratification?!?)
    4. Am I working hard but not smart? ( there a trick somewhere that I'm missing?!?)

    I'd welcome any comments...


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    Hi Eileen,

    I'd have to see your sites to get an idea why they're not converting for you, but at less than 50 visitors it's really hard to determine a true conversion rate. You need a minimum of 1000 unique visitors to calculate. The problem is always one of two things: traffic or conversions, and right now yours is simply... traffic.
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    My best advice is to focus on one thing and like Lynn always says bring that to profit and then and only then branch out and work on more.

    I think these days one really needs to get in and dig deep in their market. By that I mean, get active on social media, let your readers get to know you, participate in FB groups, write guest blog posts, etc.

    It can get frustrating working on more than one thing when none of them are working. I bet if you took the time to focus on the one you are most passionate about, you would see a change.

    Just some thoughts!

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    Honestly, you need to have a lot of patience when marketing a website over the web. You've actually got to earn a reputation inorder to monetize a website. Since it's just 6-8 weeks as you said since you've started working on promotion, I'd just start building a brand image since the very beginning.

    Ofcourse as suggested by Lynn, traffic is one primary factor you need to concentrate on at the moment. More the traffic, more would be the chances of sign-ups, that's a simple equation isn't it

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    The blogger world is tough, especially if your niche is not one of the most searched topics on the internet. 6-8 weeks is pretty soon for the income to come in. Some bloggers even wait for years and still not get enough income out of their blog. Take time to build your audience and reputation to keep the readers on coming back to your site. It can get very frustrating if your purpose to build a site is to monetize it. As long as you enjoy blogging on your selected niche, you will be motivated to continue on. It will come if you work harder and smarter.


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