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Thread: A good student studies things...right?!? lol

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    Default A good student studies things...right?!? lol

    ...well, I've noticed that 'some' of Lynn's posts are dated (the ones on the main page)...while others are not. Is this on purpose? When browsing online I tend to skip content that is if it doesn't have a date, would that stand to reason that it gets read more?!?


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    Yes, I did that intentionally. If a post is date sensitive, I refer to the date IN the post. I removed the timestamp on posts so that people didn't consider them dated - because most of my tutorials are evergreen. But I did leave the dates on the main page to show that the blog is current and actively updated.
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    That was good thinking Lynn. I'd like to try this out at our blog and knowledgebase too, I'm sure it'd yield well. But, from a different perspective if we look at it, wouldn't it make the readers to visit through multiple pages as now they won't be able to filter based on the dates?

    Though they can still use the search box, but the more you make the visitors to take actions the more the bounce rate, don't you think ?


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