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Thread: starting my blog...please help with some questions.

  1. Default starting my blog...please help with some questions.


    I started a blog writing a story. The website name is . I've got a total of 12 posts so far. My first question is writing will writing a story online going to attract people? I haven't received any visitors. I'm using woothemes. What do I need to do to rank in google?

    Also, I've thought about writing the whole story, editing it, and then putting it on Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Also, create an iTunes version of the book. Another question, does anyone know if other people have sold fictional books online?

    Is there anything I should do differently?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Hi there, welcome to the group!

    Yes, there are people who successfully publish fiction online. This guy is one of my favorites, and he has a LOT of great advice on his blog:

    As for getting ranked and driving traffic, Lynn has a great article on that here:

    I would also seriously consider joining the elite group here - everyone is very helpful and supportive, and there are lots of experts (including Lynn herself) who will take time to personally help you with all the pieces and parts of an online business.
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    Great advice from Cindy. Also see:

    I like your idea to publish it as a blog, and also as a book & audio product. Good luck and keep us posted. ;-)
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    Hi there - I just spotted your post and have a question for you

    I'm considering using a Woo Theme - Canvas (as it's highly customisable).

    Are you quite WP-tech savvy/used lots of themes before. How did you find setting up the theme? Good videos? Easy to do? Right royal pain in the you-know-what?

    Would welcome your input. Thanks,


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    The home page takes you to the last chapter of the story, which is initially confusing. There is no obvious page telling anyone what the website is about, why they should read the story, or come back. Unless someone knows who you are, which isn't obvious either - how is anyone going to find the blog?

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    People will read your stuff on the go, have you catered for iphone traffic?


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