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Thread: Blogging Beginner help

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    I have used HostGator since 2001 so I'm not familiar with any other host. And yes you'll definitely want to use the Wordpress self hosted platform. So you'll need a domain name, hosting account and then you'll upload your Wordpress blog through your cpanel via your hosting account.

    You don't want to use the platform because you cannot monetize it so for business purposes it wouldn't work.

    Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do.

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    Angie, I thought it was the exact because .org could not be monitized! Apparently I did not get that right...glad I saw this post.

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    Hello All,

    I was over looking and was wondering which plan will be the best (Baby or Business)? Do you guys also suggest to purchase your domain name else where like or do everything at your hosting? It also seems bluehost is cheaper too. I did an example baby plan with hostgator and upfront costs was over $260.

    Thanks for any help!!!

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    I switched to BlueHost last year to save money and have not had any problems. I think I read elsewhere on the forum that they are owned by the same parent company as HostGator. As for purchasing a domain, I think the consensus here is not to have your hosting and domain with the same company, so I use GoDaddy for domain purchases.

    Hope that helps!


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    Thanks Shawn for the quick response. That does help me out...


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    i agree with Shawn regarding not having your domain and hosting with the same company. But this is the 1st time I ever heard that BlueHost and HostGator are both owned by the same company. Even so due to better(in my opinion) customer support I would opt for HostGator, Lynn usually has a coupon code on the home page that gets you the 1st month either free or for a penny.

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    Hi Joe,

    Agree with much of what's been said, buy your domains through GoDaddy and get your hosting through Hostgator. (Do you really have to pay all that up front or can you get a monthly deal? I pay monthly but I've been with them for years - so that may have changed.) Don't buy a ton of domains, try and pick one and see if you can take that into profit.

    Ask a ton of questions on here - as you can see a lot of people who have been through what you are working on right now are amazingly willing to help.

    Read the posts on Clicknewz - they are a goldmine of useful relevant information.

    Remember though that this part of the forum is public. If you really want in depth (confidential) help - the private members forum is the way to go. (And worth every penny in my view.)

    Good luck.

    Martin Fretwell

    Mightyfine Websites

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverSage View Post
    As a newbie I am pretty happy learning with Free everything and so far I haven't needed more capacity. I have even been able to monetise it with PayPal. As (if) I get more sophisticated, I may need more but for now I'm learning a lot inexpensively.
    We don't recommend using Blogger since it's not your own (why work hard on something with the potential to have it taken away at any time?). It's best to have your own domain and a self hosted website. And it's so affordable to do so, it's a business investment.

    Now if you are NOT going to monetize and it's just a hobby blog, Blogger is just fine.


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