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Thread: Best way to promote new video marketing service?

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    Gracehawk Guest

    Question Best way to promote new video marketing service?

    We just launched our video marketing website, "Native Light Video", and need advice on how best to promote it (as it's a little different concept than typical video "ads"). Our service is aimed at low-medium budget advertisers who want to gain the benefits of video marketing without the exorbitant costs of custom video creation.

    Being a small startup with limited funds, we need to be very "prudent" in our promotional efforts. What would give us the most "bang for the buck" in getting the word out about our service? From past experience, I've found news releases to be of limited value and approaching bloggers for a review is usually a futile exercise. Are Google Adwords the best low-budget approach? Might there be other, better alternatives to reach our market?


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    Welcome to ClickNewz

    I would love to see a link to your website. Also, are you on Social Media?

    Do you have an affiliate program set up for your product/service?
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    I wasn't sure about the policy for links in posts, so I didn't include it. You can visit the site at

    As for social media or affiliate programs, the answer is "no". I've experimented with both in the past on another project and wasn't impressed with the results. That's why I was curious about Adwords, it seems you would have more control over a campaign than with most of the alternatives. I'm not sure about its usefulness for a B2B service, such as ours, though. Any thoughts?


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