Hello All,

After much research in learning and planning on creating a blog... I am ready and excited to start my new journey on creating my own website\blog. First off I would like to thank Lynn's website and anyone that has responded to my questions. They have help me a lot. I am very happy to have found this site and look forward to furthering my knowledge in this area.

The reason why I am writing this is I want to see and hear some of your opinions on my idea\niche. I am planning to create a website\blog that helps people with Technology better. People should not be afraid with this just for the fact we all know technology is in our lives everyday. This can entail anywhere from simple technology help to extensive. Some examples maybe helping people with troubleshooting with their computers\devices, teaching people how to use a certain software\device, computer basics , blogging about topics that are dealing with new technologies or reviewing products, eventually having videos on my page or start a YouTube channel that gives you step by step directions how to use a product. There also will be a forum created on there for everyone to communicate and help each other. Another interesting idea I have thought is to eventually start Skype meetings to help people navigate on their computers easier and teach whatever I can help them with. Well I can keep brainstorming here, but there's just a few ideas and I'm sure once I get this started there will be more exciting subjects I can talk about.

I feel this can be a great idea not only since I enjoy this area but I love helping people out. The audience could be a variety too. But mainly I'd like to reach out to a audience that is not really familiar in the area and help them feel comfortable.

Well that's all for now. I appreciate any comments\advice\and suggestions.

Thank you!!