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Thread: Get Access to my Keyword List Building Service (worth $100) for FREE!

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    Lightbulb Get Access to my Keyword List Building Service (worth $100) for FREE!

    Dear Friend,

    If you're already making money online through search traffic, you probably
    know that proper keyword research is crucial when it comes to choosing
    the right keyword phrases for optimizing your web pages.

    No matter how great your web content is, if you cannot drive targeted
    traffic through profitable keyword phrases you cannot get higher traffic
    conversion rate. Period.

    While most people perform keyword research one time to study their
    market and brainstorm ideas to create keyword-focused content in their
    sites, many authoritative sites and popular blogs (that drive traffic through
    search engines) continually produce great content by discovering new
    profitable keywords on a regular basis.

    So... when you already got your Master Keyword List, based on which you
    occasionally publish new web content, you're seriously leaving money on
    the table if you don't update your keyword list with newly discovered
    keyword phrases every month.

    Our Keyword List Building Service is all about delivering you a list of
    long-tail keywords in the "Keyword Master Report" every month for a
    maximum of 10 seed keywords of your choice.

    • We use full version of Wordtracker and other expensive keyword
      research tools to create custom Keyword Master Reports.

    • However, in the report, we do not simply just copy and paste the
      keyword research data from those sources - but we use the data to
      make a customized list of long-tail keywords that are relevant to our
      customer's niche/sub-niche.

    • We recommend our customers to use Wordtracker's Free Keyword
      Suggestion Tool ( for choosing the
      right seed keywords, before placing the order with us.

    • It's important that you use the free version of Wordtracker in
      choosing the 10 best seed keywords because, from the limited
      keyword research data:

      (i) you'll get an idea about what kind of long-tail keywords you will
      be getting in the full version, &

      (ii) you'll also know approximately how many long-tail keywords are
      available in the full version.

    This service is not being publicly offered in our website yet, but we've
    been serving our clients for over a year now and we normally charge $9.95
    per seed keyword to our customers.

    So, you would normally need to pay us $100 if you happen to order a
    custom Keyword Master Report for 10 seed keywords.

    But today, I'm giving out a special offer to any 10 SSWT members on a
    first-come-first-served basis and the Offer is...

    Get FREE Access to Thousands of Long-Tail Keywords for Your Top 10
    Seed Keywords by Trying Out our Keyword List Building Service.

    Among the 10 members who try out this service for free:

    • 5 members should already have websites/blogs with good standing, &
    • the other 5 can be any member interested to do market research on
      any niche.

    Here's What You Need To Do Next:

    Reply to this thread by saying that you are interested to get the free
    offer. State your website URL in the reply (if it's not mentioned in your
    signature). That's it!

    If you qualify for one of the 10 spots, I will PM you the link to a page
    where you will be submitting the order form (for free).

    Hurry before the 10 spots are filled up.

    Yours For Online Success,

    Ashique M. Abdullah
    CEO & Founder

    P.S. I look forward to personally working with you and helping you build a
    huge list of profitable keywords to stand out from your competition.

    P.P.S. Only serious online marketers who really need the service are
    welcome to take up this offer.

    P.P.P.S. Reply to this thread (and remain subscribed) even if you see more
    than 10 people have already replied. I will update you with other similar
    offers in the future.

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    I am interested in the free offer

    This would be for an established blog:
    Lynn Terry
    Site Admin

    Join us on the Internet Marketing Blog at!

    New! Niche Success Blueprint "Start to Profit" Step-by-Step Training

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    I'm interested as well for

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    I'm very much interested - url in signature

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    I'm interested too.

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    Default Thanks for the offer!

    I'd be interested in your offer for a new website I am working on: I have seed keywords ready!

    If you would prefer a current site, I'd appreciate your offer for my blog.


    -- Kurt
    Kurt Scholle
    Web Asylum, Inc.

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    Thumbs up

    I'm interested in the free offer too

    Established blog with good standing:

    Thanks Ashique!

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    I'm interested in the free offer.

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    I'm definitely interested!

    Thanks for the consideration



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