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Thread: HELP - Being Click-Bombed on my site!

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    Unhappy HELP - Being Click-Bombed on my site!

    Over the past few days my website Healthy Diet Weight Loss - which has not had more than 1 Adsense click a week or so over the past year or so - suddenly has had Adsense clicks front left right and center! I have had days where it said i.e. 49 visitors and 30 clicks on Adsense ads!

    I have read online now that there is something called "click-bombing" if somebody wants to get your site banned for Adsense by Google. They hit your site with "malicious" clicks all coming from just a couple or so IP addresses and hope you get banned.

    Has anybody had that happen before? I did report it to Google as soon as I thought something is not right here, and I hope they will not ban me. Funny thing is, on my Adsense account it looks like i had a few visitors, and in Analytics there is maybe only 1 or 2 showing, nothing more. I don't understand how that can be.

    I just would like to hear whether anybody has had the same experience, and whether there is anything else I can do?

    Whilst the first 100 or so Adsense clicks generated some money, the last couple of days none of the clicks had any $$ value any more. I guess that's because I reported it... Very confused!

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    Your site is a WordPress site. There are plugins you can install that will help shield you from "click bombing."

    Ad Logger plugin, Who Sees Ads Plugin and Click Bomb Defense are some I know of. You might want to check them out.


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