Hi there,

I'm new to the IM world and was just looking for some guidance on how to pick a good product to sell from Clickbank. I've read a lot of different articles and it seems 'gravity' doesn't really mean a thing. I'm using the free version of CBSurge and frankly it doesn't seem to tell you much either. If anyone has a step by step process they use and wouldn't mind sharing it would be extremely helpful. While I'm anxious to pick a product and get on with creating the site etc I do feel it's important that I spend some time to better understand product selection so as to not end up wasting a lot of time and energy trying to market a dud. I can see there will be a steep initial learning curve here so I'm grateful for a view into anyone's product selection processes they use.

BTW - this website has been extremely helpful in helping me understand affiliate marketing and the steps and processes involved along the way - and I've been on a number of different sites at this point. Hats off to Lynn!