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Thread: It's almost a reality

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    Default It's almost a reality

    The following ZDnet article details the latest tax the Internet attempt.

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    I don't own a business but promote affiliate programs and do my tax's as in report these earngins besides my full time IT job.

    How would this bill effect me? I do buy stuff online a lot as it's the easy way to do shopping not having to leave your house. lol

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    I am going to promote my site internet. So should i pay internet sale tax.

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    You need to research the Internet/business laws in your local area.

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    The thing most people don't realize is that it's the consumer's responsibility to pay sales tax on items purchased out of state. People are not aware of this, and our CPA's and tax advisors don't point it out either. You're meant to report these on your taxes when you file.

    Since people don't report & pay, they are trying to get the merchants to collect it now.
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