Hi Gang,

This is my first thread so I apologize ahead of time if I make a few mistakes I recently performed a test campaign on 7Search.com to see if it was a viable option for bringing in qualified paid traffic to hopefully increase form submissions. Seeing as there isn't a thread on this topic, I wanted to post a few snippets of my findings in the event other group members have thought of trying 7Search.com for their PPC needs.

Please see below:

When looking over the Google Analytics for my site during the given 9 day time frame between 5/1 and 5/9 when I was running the campaign, there were a few interesting pieces of data that are worth pointing out.

#1- Clicks Vs. Actual Visits
There was a 35.4% error between what Google Analytics reported and what 7Search.com report.

#2- Bounce Rate
The average bounce rate for my 398 registered visitors was 95.44%. This is extremely high, especially for paid advertisements as they are supposed to be more targeted.

#3- Pages Per Visit
Visitors coming from the 7Search campaigns only visited an average of 1.3 pages per visit whereas visitors coming from organic traffic saw a rate of 1.4 and direct traffic was much higher at 2.4.

#4- Landing Page Vs. Actual Visits Vs. Click
When I created the campaign on 7Search, the had all of my advertisements pointing to one url. So naturally one would think that if there were 398 visitors to the site from 7Search.com, then the landing page that all of the traffic was directed to should register 398 (or close to it). Well according to GA, the landing page received 376 visits from the 7Search network so this isn’t too far off. However, 7Search.com is claiming to have sent 539 so this number shows a much larger divide.

#5- Referring Site Quality
I decide to analyze the top 25 websites that referred traffic to my website. These sites roughly accounted for 50% of all the registered visitors within Google Analytics. Of these 25 websites, 6 websites had the the exact same content and website template. The only difference was the logo.

Another 7 out of the 25 websites from 7Search.com network were educational based websites with almost identical content that had absolutely nothing to do with the keywords I was bidding on.

I don't want to bore you with the full analysis, but if you are interested, I encourage you to check out the full 7Search.com review where you will find screen shots, conclusions, and other helpful information.

PM me with questions or add them to the thread. I'd love to find out if other members have had a different experience with 7Search.com.