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Thread: Sales Letter Showing Up on "Free Article" Database Websites?

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    Default Sales Letter Showing Up on "Free Article" Database Websites?

    Hi There,

    I've been looking at various options to increase traffic to my website, and I've been considering submitting some articles to one of those "Free Article" Database websites.

    What I've found, though, is portions of my sales letter of my product being cut and pasted under the names of others, who are likely Clickbank affiliates.

    Also, on one of these free article websites, I'm actually seeing links in my article to other products. For example, if my sales letter mentions an American Flag, there will be a hyperlink to a flag company. If the word "invested" is included in the sales letter, there is a hyperlink to a financial services company.

    The terms of service for this particular website says that the content has to be original and owned by the poster. Well, I'm seeing 3 or 4 copies of my sales letter at this same website.

    Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what did you do about it?

    I'm a tad annoyed. I guess because I did so much work in creating my own product, I half expect those who want to try to benefit financially from it to do their homework and to write their own article.

    Thanks in advance for any insights that you can provide.


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    talia Guest


    Yes, this has happened to me many times. I pulled all of my content from article directories because I didn't want to appear to be endorsing pills and potions that have nothing to do with me.

    There will always be websites that scrape content and use it for their own purposes as well as individuals that copy great content and use it for their own purposes. I contacted several website publishers and asked them to remove the offending content, but it was extremely time consuming...

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    Thanks Talia. I'm working right now on pulling them down. I also might submit an article or two to one of these websites that isn't quite so blatant about promoting other products in the hopes of driving more traffic to my website.


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