EP5: Exposure & Profit Conference August 10-12


The "EP5" Exposure & Profit event in Atlanta is less than a month away! The hotel rate and discounted tickets are only available for a very short time, so now is the time to book if you plan to join us. πŸ˜‰ (Save $50 on your ticket with code: SAVEONEP5)

EP5 Exposure and Profit Conference 2018

See: http://www.exposureandprofit.com/lynn
Save $50 on your ticket with code: SAVEONEP5

(PROOF) Worried About Facebook Page Reach & Engagement Declining? Don’t Be!


Here are my Facebook Page stats for the last 28 days as @LowCarbTraveler.

This screenshot (below) was taken this morning.

Aren't people running around saying Facebook Page reach & post engagement is DOWN and there's no point to it anymore? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

Facebook Page Reach 2018

As for my Video views being down 53% - that's 2,285 video views in the last 28 days. I haven't done a Facebook Live at all in that time - not since April 9th actually. Just two super short promo videos this month, and one was just a share.

I hope this inspires you to keep posting, keep sharing, and keep doing your OWN page promotion! Don't let "rumors" scare you or deter you... because:

GooDoPpoRtunity: Practical GDPR Compliance Relief Checklist – Don’t Screw This Up ;-)


GooDoPpoRtunity = GDPR is a GOOD Opportunity for your online business! If you do it right...

Don't follow the herd or screw this up like most people have already, and will continue to do, out of confusion or ignorance. πŸ˜‰

Smart marketers will see GDPR for the opportunity it is, and take positive action towards better serving their market - instead of alienating, confusing or losing them.

That's exactly what we discussed (in great detail) in Brainstorming Hour this week.

You'll find a detailed topic outline below...


GDPR for Niche Bloggers and US Marketers

If you're already a member, click here for the interactive video replay. If not, you can register here.


Step-by-Step Internet Marketing Checklists


When I downloaded these Internet Marketing Checklists I thought that's exactly what they were - or all they would be, I should say. That is NOT the case. They are more like detailed step-by-step training guides and an actionable reference you'll find yourself using daily! πŸ™‚

Avoid the most common mistakes, take all the shortcuts and grow your business FASTER by following these step-by-step checklists!

Internet Marketing Checklists

Get Step-by-Step Internet Marketing Checklists


I'm a checklist junkie. I make checklists, download checklists, buy checklists and USE checklists to make my life easier. They just WORK.

I love anything that simplifies a project and breaks it down into actionable tasks!

So when I downloaded these 3 sets of Internet Marketing checklists, I thought that's exactly what they were - or all they would be, I should say.

It turns out that is NOT the case...


Weekly Accountability Checklist



Got your HUSTLE going strong this week? πŸ™‚

Are you holding yourself accountable to your biggest goals and highest priorities?

Below is a great copy & paste list/worksheet you can use in your weekly brainstorming to help you grow & improve your business consistently.

This is one I am using myself, and thought you would find helpful as well...

Big Ambitious Goals Worksheet (Copy & Paste)


Goal Setting WorksheetUse this FREE worksheet to brainstorm your three TOP priorities in life, and create an Action Plan for achieving those goals - FAST.

Each of your three goals should be very specific, easily measurable and include a deadline.

Example: Lose 24 pounds in 100 days, Create my first digital product in 30 days, Complete the rough draft of my book in 60 days, Double my income in 90 days, etc.

Tip: be realistic about your time period, but also ambitious!

Your top three reasons for wanting to achieve each goal need to be STRONG reasons.

The actions you will take to achieve each goal should include completion dates.

Simply copy and paste below the line, and work in your favorite brainstorming space - like Word, Google Docs or Evernote.


Monday Motivation: GOYA!


Do you still believe in your goals, or have you all but given up?

Goal Achievement Quote

β€œStop foolishly selling yourself short as you have the ability to multiply your performance, dramatically exceed your best expectations, and achieve goals on a pace and scale that will blow your mind.” –Gary Ryan Blair

Today is Monday, the second Monday of April, which means we're a full week into the second quarter already...

How did last week go for you?

Did you kick off Q2 with a bang and hit your goals HARD?

Or are you still doing the same thing, with the same results, and realizing you're not getting ANY closer to reaching your goals? (that would be the most common answer.)

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