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  1. Article spinning for SEO

    Article spinning can be effective if done correctly. I wouldn't use software personally as I don't feel software can spin the right words to get the correct meaning of the sentence or paragraph.
  2. Thread: Traffiic

    by chilidog

    Building Targeted Website Traffic

    There are a variety of methods that are effective.

    Quality article writing and then submitting to the right article sites. Some of these that I use will then distribute your articles to various...
  3. Chris makes a good point. There's a lot of room...

    Chris makes a good point. There's a lot of room for discussion on how the new algorithm will effect us as IMers. I feel, and my marketing guru at WCN tell me, that in the long run it will benefit...
  4. It's all about the Traffic

    Hard to be very effective at affiliate marketing with articles alone. You can't utilize your links that aggressively or the article sites won't except them...Catch 22.

    You need a sight that you...
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