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I have been working online for more than 17 years now. I got started way back in the 90's, before ebooks and gurus and such...

I have multiple online properties in a variety of niches. I'm best known as a Super Affiliate, but have hands-on experience in a wide range of online business models.

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ClickNewz is where I share news on the latest Internet Marketing trends and strategies, as well as unique case studies, creative ideas and (extremely) candid product reviews. We discuss everything from mindset to technical issues, the secrets to writing engaging content, improving your traffic and conversion rates - you name it! If you work from home and/or online, ClickNewz is where you want to be.

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About Lynn Terry

2013 marked the beginning of my 17th year in business. I work from my home office full-time, while raising my 2 children here in middle Tennessee. I'm turning 40 in June of this year, and I'm living my ideal lifestyle! 😀

My last real job was as a Unix Sys Admin (booo-rrrr-ing!) which I quit in 1996 to start my first business. Some of my experience over the last decade includes professional web development, managing an international web team, start-up consulting, computer training, professional adviser for Intuit, partnerships with 2 wholesale/eBay companies, managing an offline business, and public speaking.

I ultimately ditched it all to become a Super Affiliate and Professional Blogger.

My focus now is on niche affiliate marketing, and on helping others achieve the same freedom & flexibility with a successful online business that I have for myself.

I received the May 2003 Best of Success Award at Total Life Success and am a contributing author to a #1 Best-Seller titled Wake Up... Live the Life You Love! I have been featured on Entrepreneur Magazine's home biz talk radio show, as well as several other talk shows through both wsRadio and World Talk Radio.

Advertising, Reviews & Disclosure...

A big part of my mission with ClickNewz is to test out various ways to make money online, and then report the results here for your benefit. I also review websites, products, programs and even books.

Some of my reviews are sponsored, and sometimes I am given a review copy. But more often my reviews are done on products & services I've purchased myself.

Paid reviews were done with the same consideration as non-paid content and reviews. I'm known for my candid style, and am just as quick to tell you what NOT to use as I am to recommend resources I find incredibly helpful.

The content here may or may not contain affiliate links, which means that I am paid for referrals to certain sites or products. Regardless of whether I'm compensated or not, I will never promote or recommend a product that I wouldn't use myself.

ClickNewz contains my honest opinion and thorough reviews, and I wouldn't risk losing you as a reader by promoting anything that doesn't meet my own standards. Affiliate links are simply a way for me to make a career of writing content on a topic I am passionate about - and doing it at no cost to you.

I'm always interested in reviewing products or discussing joint venture, advertising & sponsorship opportunities. Contact me if you would like to make a proposal! You'll find stats here, and here is a sweet opportunity to advertise directly to my readers.

If you have questions about Internet Marketing or Online Business, join us at my ClickNewz Forum. It's an awesome community, and a great place to get your questions answered! 😉

See you there!


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  1. Hi Lynn, love the blog and all your insight and information!! I'm wanting to get started with an online business to create a better life for myself and my kids, and get out of this slow death cubicle life! I'm one of those individuals that sits on the fence and struggles to jump out of the rat race due to bills and responsibilities. What do you see with all your subscribers as the one way others have make the change and taken the leap? Thank you!! Tom

  2. Hi Lynn,

    I recently came by your website researching blogging via google. I have been very interested in this for some time now. I believe 2013 is the year for change. Since I am fairly new to this and have read a few of your articles so far I was wondering if you can point me to the right direction to be successful. I also would want to say that your articles are very to the point and helpful. I am glad to finally find someone that is not only about selling a product and only there for the money. You seem like you want to help people as what I would like to do to start this new journey.

    Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.



  3. Hello, Lynn. I enjoyed your web site. While browsing through it and downloading some great stuff you generously provided, I was wondering if you have an affiliate program. I know a lot of my friends would love your products. I would like to share with them. I am not on any social media except email. However, a lot of my friends are on social media. They could share amongst themselves that way. If you don't have an affiliate program, I would like to request your permission to forward some of your articles to my friends. I would make sure you get the credit as author and inventor by providing your name, web site, and anything else you require. I would much rather be a part of your affiliate program, if you have one. How about a referral program? That would work too, if that would be better for you. Thank you for your time in this matter. Take care. Rosella Young, AA-1 Designs, Invest in your shelf!

  4. Wow Lynn 17 years in this business Chapeau:) We can learn from you

    • Louie Sison says:


      I can say amen to that. 17 years... That's a lot of experience!

    • Thank you. It has really flown by! 🙂 It was February 2014 that I celebrated 17 full years, and August 2014 marks 10 full years blogging. Fun stuff! I started my first business when my daughter was just 5 months old. I'm seeing her off to college in a few weeks. 😀 *cheers*
      Lynn Terry recently posted..Successful Blogging: True StoryMy Profile

  5. Hi Lynn, This is my first time on your blog, I found my way here through Tiffany Lambert's blog and I think I will be spending a lot more time hanging out here.

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