Fast-Track Training: How To Become A Top JVZoo Affiliate – From Scratch

Omar Martin, one of the top JVZoo affiliates that is constantly rocking leaderboards and raking in not only massive commissions - but sweet bonus payouts on top of that - just released his entire strategy in a detailed training with his Rapid Profit System.

And he's sharing it all for less than 20 bucks!

JVZoo Affiliate Strategies

Omar is a super cool guy. I've had the opportunity to meet him in person several times at industry events, and he's high energy and all smiles. 🙂

You would never guess he and his wife were once homeless, and used internet marketing (and this system specifically) to totally recreate their life.

It's worth a few minutes just to read his amazing story on that page if nothing else! 😉

Endless Task List? What To Do First… When You Don’t Know What To Do Next


I used to be a productivity MACHINE. What the hell happened?! When did things get so off track? What changed exactly - and why?

As I'm writing this, I feel completely overwhelmed with the number of things I should be doing right now. Or the number of things that need to be done, and what order they should be done in. What to do first, what to do next, etc.

I find myself multi-tasking between tabs, between computers even, hopping up to do a quick chore, then coming back, only to start all over again.

Have you ever caught yourself doing that?!

(I'm guessing YES, lol)

Behind The Scenes With Lynn Terry (A Peek Inside My Mind, Life, Tasks & Goals)

Fair Warning: this is me "thinking out loud." A public ramble, up for open discussion. Plus an inside look at what's going on in my life and online business... and where I'm headed next with it all. 😉

Favorite Napoleon Hill Quote

Things haven't been all that great here lately. I can't even call it "organized chaos" anymore like I usually do, lol. It's just been plain CHAOS.

From crazy things going on in my personal life over the last year, to a half-rearranged home office full of PILES (ugh!), being sick for 3 straight months the first quarter of the year - and of course my insane out-of-control task list that overwhelmed me into a frozen panic every time I sat down to work... yeah. 😯

Two List Building Plugins That Give You Maximum Results For Minimal Effort

List Building Plugins for WordPress

If you're using WordPress in your online business for content marketing and audience building (and I assume you are!), there are two List Building Plugins you'll absolutely love - both with creative customization features that can give you awesome results.

Early Results: Automated Lead Magnets & Fast List Building – With NO Product Creation! :-)


Would you like to turn your content into ebooks and build your email list super fast, with ZERO product creation or landing page design involved? (YES!)


Blog Marketing - Build Your List & Grow Your ReadershipThis is the BEST thing I have seen in ages... and I have FAST results to share with you, even though I just set it up last night (literally in a matter of minutes).

This inexpensive WordPress Plugin is a slick hands-free way to build your list, increase your traffic & conversions and boost reader engagement.

Unlike most plugins or programs I've downloaded, this one only takes a few minutes to set up, customize & connect to your mailing list manager. (I use Aweber but it integrates with practically ever platform.)

It's called Post Gopher, and if you have a blog or a WordPress based website... you need to download this plugin and put it into action - today:


Turn Your Blog Posts Into PDF Ebooks (Automatically!)

This is ridiculously cool! Check out the example below, taken from this post on my niche site. Click on that link and see my post live to test it out for yourself. 🙂

Turn Blog Posts Into Ebooks - WordPress Plugin

Setting this up on YOUR site or blog will dramatically increase YOUR subscribers & exposure... too!

Pinterest Marketing Strategies to Skyrocket Sales & Traffic


If you want to tap into the seriously hot profit potential with Pinterest, THIS is what you need to read:

Learn Pinterest Success Strategies


Discover how POWERFUL social media is for getting traffic & making sales online (with proof!). Plus some free resources & creative ideas you'll LOVE... even if you're skeptical and resistant - like I was. 🙂


Instagram MarketingTo the left is a screenshot of one of my social media updates, shared earlier today, that is performing VERY well.

But I need to backtrack and tell you how this all started, because you may feel the exact same way I did.

It was a couple years ago, I don't remember the exact date - but I realized I had to expand my social media presence and get more consistent with it.

I'll show you HOW I discovered that too. It's super cool!

I was skeptical, reluctant, and admittedly annoyed (lol). I'm an introvert... and the last thing I needed was more to keep up with. Plus I don't actually USE social media myself. I don't read content streams, I'd never been on Pinterest or Instagram, etc.

My favorite saying about that was: "I'm just not pinterested." 🙂

Fast forward and my business has grown by leaps and bounds, my exposure and profit potential is through the roof, and my business is doing better than ever!

To give you a "taste" (I love a good pun! lol) that food promotion you see above... resulted in 254 sales in the first 72 hours alone. 🙂

Update: the sales have more than doubled since I wrote this post!

Why I’m Pissed At Tim Castleman – or: How To Waste $27 In Two Seconds Flat!


Colin Theriot, Lynn Terry, Tim CastlemanI like Tim Castleman. 🙂 Good luck figuring out which one he is in the photo (lol), because I'm always mixing him up with Colin Theriot and tagging the wrong one!

He's the one on the right. 😉

Tim is a cool guy, great personality, always a lot of fun. I love running into him at events and following his (always entertaining) Facebook and Instagram updates.

BUT he just released a new product called The 120 Method I DON'T recommend for you.

I'll explain, and if you already bought it don't back out - I'll tell you why on that too. 😉

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