Creating “Invaluable Assets” In Your Business


I mentioned that I'm going through some personal and business struggles. Hmm, transitions is a better word. Yes, I'm going through some major transitions. 🙂

One thing I am always grateful for in situations like this, is the fact that I've created a solid business foundation and invaluable assets. That is exactly what has allowed me to recover from anything life has thrown my way in my 19+ years in business.

That and leverage. I'll share with you how I put both to work...

Lynn Terry, Online Business Expert & Entrepreneur

6 Months To Live

Your Future Self

What if you only had six months to live, and in that scenario you were well enough to LIVE fully every single 24-hour day of it. Let's say that instead of a debilitating illness, you were simply given the foresight that your time here on earth would instantly cease exactly six months from today...

What would you do?

Must-Have Amazing WordPress Plugin That Increases Subscribers & Sales


I'm a minimalist when it comes to add-ons, plugins and software programs. I like to run my computers and blogs as clean as humanly possible...

But I just installed this amazing WordPress plugin, because I practically HAD to. I'll explain why - and what you're going to LOVE about it. 🙂

WP Notification Bar
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6 Simple Ways To Revive Your Business Passion & Get Focused On What Matters


There are days I look at my screen with multiple programs, two browsers, and a zillion tabs open... and just want to get up and walk away. 😛

I'm seeing a lull across the web, and have been talking to other home business owners too, so I know I'm not alone in feeling overwhelmed and scattered with my online business. Or some days, just plain burnt out with it all.

But wait! 😯 I LOVE my business. I ENJOY my work. What the heck is going on here?! I asked myself that question, and came up with some good answers...

Revive Your Passion!

Simple Trick To Create Content Faster

Creative Content CreationYou're probably familiar with my personal rule to "create at least as much content as you consume."

Or maybe not. 🙂

That one usually shocks people, lol - but it's how I manage to put out so much content in so many different places online, consistently.

I'll share a simple trick with you, along with live examples, to help you create content faster & easier than ever...

Here it is:

Work with what's right in front of you, at any given time.

It really is THAT simple.

I'll show you what I mean, using examples from content I created already this morning. 😉

How To Use Google Adsense For Affiliate Leads


I mentioned this tip in the Live Q&A Sessions this week, but I wanted to show you a live illustration and explain how I use Google Adsense for "lead gen" as an affiliate...


Affiliate Marketing Adsense Tip

The screenshot above is a post I was writing on my niche blog this morning. Google Adsense is just one of the ways I monetize that blog, and I am always scanning the ads that display with my content for potential money-makers.

There are two VERY GOOD reasons you would want to do this...

Niche Marketing & Lifestyle Business Discussion

Niche Marketing Tutorial

I hosted two fun (and very candid) Q&A sessions on my niche marketing success, and on running a "lifestyle business" you ENJOY. They are full of live examples and great tips that you can implement in your own business right away!

Here are the replay links, and the highlights of the discussion...