9 Super Easy Smartphone Photo Tips & Apps

Guest post by Lisa Herbik, a friend of Lynn’s since 2008 and creator of the online wall mural store at Artistichomeowner.com.

Smartphones have really changed the way people take photos. I go to Aruba every fall with family and friends, and I don't pack my bulky Nikon anymore. Since my phone is super handy, easy to tote and takes great pictures, it's my go-to for on the go photos.

Not only are smartphone cameras great for creating fantastic memories in your everyday life and on your travels, but you can also use it to create your own photos to illustrate blog posts or for your social media updates.

So let me convince you to leave your bulky camera at home from now on! Here are 9 easy tips and some great (free!) apps to keep your smartphone serving you well and taking great pictures while you're out & about!

How To Outsource Tough Tasks For Only $5

Do you ever get stuck on a project because you need something done, and a) you don't know how to it, b) it's taking you forever to figure out how to do it, or c) you don't want to do it?

The Solution? Fiverr!

Fiverr allows you to browser service providers who will do a task for only $5.

From header graphics and caricature drawings, to business card and logo designs - you name it, you can get it done on Fiverr for five bucks! Need someone to model your merchandise or hold your sign for an awesome unique selling graphic? No problem. ;-)

Fiverr Examples

The amount of creativity brimming in this single website is nothing short of amazing. Or you could also say... "It's amazing what people will do for five dollars!"

Blocked? Simple Creative Thinking Techniques To Spark Creative Ideas – Fast!

Creative IdeasDo you feel blocked, stalled, or overwhelmed - and lacking in creative ideas? It happens to everyone (me included) so you're not alone.

Sometimes you just need a little creative help, or a "creativity boost".

Read on. I have a SIMPLE solution for you that will get those creative ideas flowing freely! ;-)

I'll share easy Creative Thinking Techniques with you in this post, but first: an interesting tidbit on WHY you get mental blocks or your creativity seems to come to a screeching halt...

How to Leverage Your Social Media Engagement

Social Media EngagementIn my last post on Successful Blogging I shared details about my "working road trip", how much fun I had on my trip to the beach, and how much it impacted my blog & business.

That weekend resulted in more than 300% increase in engagement on my niche Facebook Page as you can see from the screenshot.

The more active you are in your niche, or the more you're living your topic, the more people you'll attract to what you're doing - or what you're teaching & offering online.

People love to live through you!

You hear a lot of buzz about "Engagement". But what does it mean exactly? And more importantly, what do you DO with it?

I'll show you live examples so you can see exactly what to do with the engagement you work so hard to achieve - which is the one thing most people leave out when they talk about engaging content or increasing your social media engagement...

Successful Blogging: True Story

I just returned from a "working vacation" which makes for a great example of just how important it is to choose the right niche for your blog...

If you want to be successful, make money AND have fun at it, that is. ;-)

Want To Make More Money With Your Blog?

Who doesn't, right?! :D

The 7 worksheets I mentioned in this blog post are invaluable if you're thinking of working with Brands, Advertisers and BIG sponsors that will pay to be featured on your blog.

In that post I mentioned that I've been going into great detail on how to sell advertising and work with Brands in the last 4 Modules of my Niche Success Blueprint weekly training series.

Be sure to see the email I received from David Leigh, which I shared in that blog post too, where he shared how he's seeing success (already!) with a blog he otherwise found very difficult to monetize. He said:

"I'd never even considered working with brands for some reason, and now see what I've been missing out on!"

Fun Q&A: What I’m Working On… And Why! -(Writing Blog Tour series)

Lynn TerryIf you've been following my updates and photos around the web, it may not *seem* like I'm working much at all. :D

It's true that my life has been a busy whirlwind lately. Especially with my youngest graduating high school and getting ready for college, along with beach trips & other events mixed in.

And of course I'm water skiing every chance I get now that the weather is turning HOT here in Tennessee!

I'm actually looking forward to the slower Summer months settling in, but lately I've been really grateful for a (very) flexible work schedule and on-the-go devices. Because I DO have some awesome projects in the works, and that allows me to live life to the fullest while also enjoying my awesome career.

On that note, Ann Smarty asked me what it is I'm working on, and why - in her invitation for me to join in on a popular "Writing Blog Tour" on the topic. I haven't been invited on a Blog Tour in ages, so of course I said YES! Here goes...