Step-by-Step Blueprint for Success Online

I recently told you about the brand new Niche Success Blueprint training course I just released. If you haven't read that post yet, click to open it in a new tab/window and scan over it (and the comments!).

You can start today and download Module One immediately, and get a new detailed Training Module with creative ideas & live examples every single week.

This course will get you started (right!) and walk you step-by-step through your entire first year, from start to profit! ;-) Many people who are taking the course already have been in business for years, and are getting GREAT value out of the course (and creative examples & angles included) -in addition to those just getting started.

The sales page and the original post will give you all the details you need to decide if this course is right for you, but I've had a few great questions come in lately that I thought I'd share with you as well, Q&A style...

Video Lighting Comparison – See For Yourself!

Video Lighting comparison with and without the Continuous Lighting Set I recently ordered from Amazon, as mentioned in this post.

Video Lighting Review & Comparison

The Pros and Cons of Blog Comments

Blog Comments DiscussionCopyblogger recently announced they removed blog comments, giving three reasons they made the decision.

Following the Guest Blogging Penalty discussion, some have wondered if this was a preventative or protective measure - if it's a sign they believe Blog Comments may be targeted by Google next.

I don't believe the two are related. Their objective seems obvious: to get more engagement on Google+, and to get more natural backlinks (and buzz) to their individual posts. That would be my guess at least, based on the three reasons they gave for making this (BIG) decision (which is actually an experiment)...

Google Takes Action Against Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging PenaltyYou've likely heard by now that was penalized by Google in their "War Against Guest Blogging" - specifically to set a public example. This particular penalty was basically a scare tactic (and PR stunt).

Sadly, it's working. This is not the first instance of "manipulation" by Google, btw. In this particular case, they went about it all wrong (in my opinion).

Let's look at ALL the details here so you can see just how far beyond ridiculous this particular case has been taken (so far). After you've seen the facts, I would LOVE to hear your opinion - and your thoughts on Guest Blogging going forward...

My Advice Is Completely Useless…

Advice, and knowledge in general, is totally useless - unless you act on it. ;-) So here's some more "Useless Advice" for you to enjoy! :D

Almost every week I get emails or messages from people who actually took my advice, or implemented one of my suggestions, and got IMMEDIATE results! I also see where people don't, and of course don't see results. As I mentioned in the video above, I'm all about FAST results...

Dealing With Stress & Overwhelm

Blog Setup: How To Write A Blog

iBlog Magazine for Professional Women BloggersIn my Niche Success Blueprint I teach people how to set up a niche website or blog that serves a specific market, and has long-term profit potential as a solid online business.

The actual blog setup, and how to write a blog so it makes the most sense for new visitors, are two important factors you want to get right from the start.

In this post I'll cover the most frequently asked questions about blog setup including: creating your core content, pages vs posts, ideal publishing frequency, and how to write a blog that engages your readers. This structure is great for setting up a new blog, but even if you have an established blog it's never too late to restructure for better usability. ;-)