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Here MY tips & tricks, the strategies that have worked for ME, and my thoughts on Live Authority in this candid interview...

If you're not convinced even after what I shared in THAT video, read:

Leverage HOT Social Trends for FAST Business Growth
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Free Downloads: Graphics, Fonts, Ebook & Instagram Templates


Every week Creative Market offers six FREE downloads, and this week 11/13/17 they're really good! Including 9 Instagram graphic templates, and a super nice (very PRO) Magazine/Ebook template:

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These graphics & templates will give your marketing pieces a nice polished look. πŸ˜‰

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How To Finish The 2017 Year… STRONG!


Make Things Happen!The 4th Quarter is on us. As I write this, we have just 85 days left in the year...

How will you look back on 2017?

Will it be with excuses and regrets? Or will you look back on this last quarter with a huge sense of accomplishment and an awesome success story to tell?

It doesn't matter if you haven't yet met your goals for the year. What matters right now is how you FINISH.

You still have plenty of time to totally turn things around in your favor... and achieve amazing things! I'm going to help you do exactly that in this quick post. πŸ™‚

My Instagram Live Product Review Process


Before you Go Live on Instagram, double check your settings.

Go into your main profile settings first: from your main profile (on mobile) click the vertical ellipsis. Go to > settings > push notifications > scroll down to Instagram Direct Requests > check "From Everyone"

This will allow you to get notified when someone sends you a direct message (DM) on Instagram, even if you aren't following them. Which is important when doing Instagram Live! I'll explain. πŸ˜‰

When you Go Live, or in your Story Settings from your profile, make sure you have Message Replies set to Everyone.

Also double check the other two settings I highlighted here:

Instagram Live Settings

Leverage HOT Social Trends for FAST Business Growth (Build Your List FREE While You Can!)


In my last few posts & videos I've shared my results and shared in detail WHY Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Instagram Live video is so HOT right now.

They are all competitively and aggressively pushing their users to see, watch and engage with live video so you'll automatically see good reach -for free.

This is a trend you REALLY want to cash in on... while it's HOT - or WHILE it's hot, I should say. Because this will NOT last forever, so now is definitely the time to ride this wave. You can use it to your advantage to build out your business foundation and increase your profit potential long term.

Notice I said "long term." You really want to LEVERAGE this hot trend to build up your email list, build out your social reach, increase your sales (and your buyer lists) - and bank all the additional revenue you can in the process. πŸ˜‰

As I pointed out in this video, it's less about live streaming itself and more about how to USE live streaming to get your business to the next level - super fast:

As proof of my point in the video above, check out these results...

Facebook Live Workshop – Starting Monday (Why You Should Do This NOW vs Later…)


Since I started live streaming on Facebook and Instagram in my niche (just last week!)...

  • I've already been asked to do a 20 minute segment on a local television morning show.
  • I'm making a 5-figure pitch to a potential sponsor, and fully expect to land it - without any hesitation.
  • I'm increasing my advertising rates dramatically. And I'm not talking about just doubling or tripling my rates, but rather: adding zeroes. πŸ˜‰

Here's a candid chat about WHY I'm so excited about Facebook Live, Facebook Watch (which is brand new and just rolling out!), and live streaming in general for my business. Spend 20 minutes with me... and let me know what YOU think!

Facebook Live Workshop - Starting Monday

(Why You Should Do This NOW vs Later...)

Facebook Live Case Study: See How You Can Boost Niche Traffic & Sales – Super Fast!


Learn More about the Live Authority Workshop


I've been looking into the stats on live video or "live streaming" on a variety of platforms including Facebook Live, Instagram Live Video and YouTube Live.

The stats alone are a HUGE draw as it's obvious that people LOVE (and are drawn to) live video content, and that it's persuasive. But is it profitable?! That's what I set out to test, and I'm ready to share my (exciting!) results with you. πŸ™‚

Facebook makes an aggressive push to get users to watch, share & engage with Facebook Live videos.

What does this mean for YOU?

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