Need Help Creating GREAT Digital Products?

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Need help creating a Premium Product for your business, and finally getting a high-converting funnel set up that gives your business a serious traffic & profit boost? Watch the FREE training I hosted this week! Just click here to watch it, or click the image above - and enjoy. ;-)

It's chock full of tips you can apply right away, and simple strategies that can really grow your business - fast. Keep reading too, and find out how you can get hands-on help creating YOUR product...

How To Make An Animated Video – Cheap & Fast

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Animated informational videos work, period. People love to watch them! Done right they can dramatically increase your exposure, traffic and of course your conversion rates. ;-) How many of your competitors are using Animated Video? It's an easy way to really stand out! You can create your own animated videos to improve sales of your own products/services, OR to increase your affiliate sales...

Simple System To Create & Sell Products – Fast!

iPremiumProduct.comWarning: Do not read this if you don't want to walk away INSPIRED!


I'm fired up and on a serious roll, so if you prefer to hum along complacently... this update is NOT for you. ;-)

If you like drag 'n drop, "step-by-step" blueprints, all-in-one solutions and EASY setups - you're going to LOVE this.

Either way, keep reading to see what I'm working on, and to get a sneak peek into my BIG plans - which you can copy (!!), or you can simply watch things play out and WISH you were doing the same. That's totally up to you...

Results Are Worth A Thousand Words…

social media case study

In my last post I shared an easy way to create social graphics, and shared an infographic I created for my low carb blog. I used these templates to create both graphics I shared as an example in that post. Cool enough as is, but I thought you'd be interested in seeing the results & statistics :D ...

(EASY) Create Stunning Social Media Graphics

creating graphicsI'm having tons of fun creating social media graphics!

Let me start by saying... I stink at graphics. :P It is definitely NOT my strong suit. That being the case, I'm inclined to outsource creative graphics for my social media channels.

Why? Quality graphics, images & Infographics are great for "share bait"! They also get a much higher rate of engagement than other types of social media updates (such as text updates or links) across all platforms.

Outsourcing graphics is a great idea, but that can get REALLY expensive if you're putting out the amount of image content you really need to be across the web - consistently.

My solution: Graphic Templates!

Better yet, CHEAP Graphic Templates! :D

And unlike outsourcing, it's a one time low-cost investment instead of an ongoing expense. I'll show you some live examples, and where you can get these graphics packages super cheap...

2015 Weekly Challenge: BIG Ambitious Goals!

In my post with the fun Goal Setting Exercise I challenged you to do ONE BIG THING in your business every single week for the rest of the year.

This weekly "mini-goal task" should be something outside your usual tasks, outside your comfort zone even, and specifically a money task or a business-building task.

What ONE big thing are you going to tackle in YOUR business this week? :D

The goal is to set aside 30, 60 or 90 minutes at the same time every week and challenge yourself to do something seriously ambitious in your business...

Easy Goal Setting Exercise and FUN Challenge!

Make Things Happen!We're more than a month into the 2015 year already...

Are you clear on your goals?

Have you outlined your priorities, and the tasks it will take to easily REACH your goals this year?

I have a super easy exercise for you today, and a FUN challenge! I think you'll really enjoy it for it's simplicity - and the potential for amazing results...