Celebrating 10 Years of Blogging! My Life As A Blogger & What I’ve Learned Along The Way…

Lynn Terry 10 Years BloggingAugust 2014 marks 10 years of blogging out of my 17+ years in business. What a fun milestone! :D

10 full years of blogging... and I haven't run out of things to say yet. LOL. People who know me would laugh. I can be a real talker when I get on a roll. ;-)

Interestingly, I'm a true introvert. While I'm not shy (anymore), I am definitely introverted - which is why working online has suited me so well. I can be as social as I please, and talk/blog away, all from my "comfort zone". We live in amazing times full of incredible opportunities - for anyone, anywhere!

I started out broke and clueless just like everyone else, and had to figure things out along the way, through MUCH trial and error. I now make a 6-figure income online and from home and have a fabulous lifestyle.

Let’s Work Together! :-)

Lynn Terry of ClickNewzI am looking for ONE person, brand or merchant to work with on a profitable advertising and exposure opportunity.

I can help you get GREAT exposure to your site, products or services!

You'll want to act fast if you need more traffic & sales, as I'll be hand-picking only one person or company to work with for this Joint Venture and great opportunity.

There are a couple of other options to consider as well, if the main opportunity is not a good fit for you but you still need help getting a serious boost to your traffic & sales or revenue. ;-)

I'll work with you personally to get maximum exposure for your website and/or services & products. Interested? Keep reading to find out more...


Join Me For A Little… Marketing Mayhem! ;-)

Marketing Mayhem Live

This photo was taken last week in Atlanta. The two men on each end are the partners behind JVZoo, which is where I host my products and affiliate programs. They host a HUGE event every year called Marketing Mayhem, and I've decided to attend.

Why? Here are MY top 4 reasons, and why YOU should consider it too...

20 Simple Tasks That Increase Revenue Fast

Tip: Set aside just 15 minutes each day to focus strictly on monetization, or "Money Tasks" in your business.

Money TasksLast August I shared a great tip with you on how to make more money online.

This month I'm celebrating 10 years blogging, and the topic came up again recently in Brainstorming Hour, so I thought we'd revisit this topic - with some actionable tips on how to apply this super simple strategy to increase your revenue - fast.

As I mentioned in the original post, the habit of starting each day with a Money Task is what keeps my online business moving forward and consistently making money. The question came up this week, "How do you define Money Tasks?" GREAT question. I qualify mine in one of two ways: direct and indirect money tasks...

9 Super Easy Smartphone Photo Tips & Apps

Guest post by Lisa Herbik, a friend of Lynn’s since 2008 and creator of the online wall mural store at Artistichomeowner.com.

Smartphones have really changed the way people take photos. I go to Aruba every fall with family and friends, and I don't pack my bulky Nikon anymore. Since my phone is super handy, easy to tote and takes great pictures, it's my go-to for on the go photos.

Not only are smartphone cameras great for creating fantastic memories in your everyday life and on your travels, but you can also use it to create your own photos to illustrate blog posts or for your social media updates.

So let me convince you to leave your bulky camera at home from now on! Here are 9 easy tips and some great (free!) apps to keep your smartphone serving you well and taking great pictures while you're out & about!

How To Outsource Tough Tasks For Only $5

Do you ever get stuck on a project because you need something done, and a) you don't know how to it, b) it's taking you forever to figure out how to do it, or c) you don't want to do it?

The Solution? Fiverr!

Fiverr allows you to browser service providers who will do a task for only $5.

From header graphics and caricature drawings, to business card and logo designs - you name it, you can get it done on Fiverr for five bucks! Need someone to model your merchandise or hold your sign for an awesome unique selling graphic? No problem. ;-)

Fiverr Examples

The amount of creativity brimming in this single website is nothing short of amazing. Or you could also say... "It's amazing what people will do for five dollars!"

Blocked? Simple Creative Thinking Techniques To Spark Creative Ideas – Fast!

Creative IdeasDo you feel blocked, stalled, or overwhelmed - and lacking in creative ideas? It happens to everyone (me included) so you're not alone.

Sometimes you just need a little creative help, or a "creativity boost".

Read on. I have a SIMPLE solution for you that will get those creative ideas flowing freely! ;-)

I'll share easy Creative Thinking Techniques with you in this post, but first: an interesting tidbit on WHY you get mental blocks or your creativity seems to come to a screeching halt...