Tutorial: How To Crop & Resize Images Inside WordPress (Live Example)

This may seem like "basic information", but I discovered recently that some of these little tips & tricks aren't exactly common knowledge.

In this tutorial, I'm going to walk you through the use of images & pictures in WordPress... and some of the most common mistakes you should avoid.

We'll take a look at one of my own blog posts as a live example, which I just published this morning, and I'll walk you through the details. Some of which you may have totally missed no matter how long you've been using WordPress!

I'll share some GREAT (must-use!) Image Optimization tips with you as well. :)

My Problem, And How It Benefits You…

My problem, besides the fact that this photo is blurry and totally unfocused (lol), is that I have some extra time on my hands for the month of October.

It's a sad, sad story. One you probably don't want to hear. Heh. The short version: I was engaged, I was happy, we were meant to move in together last month, he bailed, it's over. There ya go.

Unlike the photo, I am focused. :)

Sure I'm struggling. This has been the kind of hell nobody would want to go through. Yes, it sucks.

That said, I'm handling it like a champ. After the necessary state of shock, I sat down and made a "Lynn List" - basically a "here's what you do now!" list.

It includes a lot of sunshine, serious workouts, ambitious goals, traveling, and all the GOOD things life should hold.

What I do NOT want to do is sit around twiddling my thumbs...

I refuse to let this consume me, derail me, or keep me down. It's far too easy for that to happen when life throws you a curve ball - but I am NOT that person.

I want to use this time to do some GOOD. That's where you come in...

How To Finish The Year… STRONG!

Make Things Happen!The 4th Quarter is on us. As I write this, we have just 93 days left in the year...

How will you look back on 2015?

Will it be with excuses and regrets? Or will you look back on this last quarter with a huge sense of accomplishment and an awesome success story to tell?

It doesn't matter if you haven't yet met your goals for the year. What matters right now is how you FINISH.

You still have plenty of time to totally turn things around in your favor... and achieve amazing things! I'm going to help you do exactly that in this quick post. :)

Training: How To Become A Virtual Assistant – Learn How To Land More Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual Assistant BusinessIf you want to learn how to become a Virtual Assistant so you can work from home, or how to take your VA business to the next level - with more (higher paying) clients - you'll definitely want to attend the live VAVirtuosos Virtual Conference.

You should sign up today, because this is the 12th season, and it has always sold out quickly!

Watch This FREE Training:

How to Create Passive Income in
Your Virtual Assistant Business

Helpful tips for any service-based business!

Enjoy :)

The training above is completely free, and is a great example of what you can learn when you attend the VAVS virtual conference.

That was one of my sessions, as I've taught at this conference four times now. It's packed with tons of great training by experts (with years of experience), and it's also a great time - with a lot of networking opportunities...

Are Blogs Dying? Should You QUIT Blogging?

bloggingI had a great conversation with a friend recently on the topic of blogging, and significant changes we've each noticed with our own blogs.

Is it a dying art? Does anyone even read blogs anymore? Should you just quit blogging and focus on other things?

The fact that you're reading this blog post right now... should answer those questions. :)

There have been a lot of changes lately though, and there are specific things you should be doing now to keep (and grow) your blog's readership if you want to see successful blog growth in 2015 and going forward.

If you're frustrated with your blog, you should definitely read this...

Internet Marketing Lifestyle: The FLIP Side

Living A Life You Love!In my last post on The Internet Marketing Lifestyle, I shared some of the more positive points about "living the laptop lifestyle" and having a successful business online - as well as what it takes to achieve that: WORK. :)

Brace yourself, because I'm going to share some BIG negatives and reveal some highly personal details...

I promised to talk about "the flip side" of it all too. Which is what I'll share with you today...

Because it's not ALL margaritas on the beach. :)

New: PayPal.ME – The Pros and Cons, And What You Should Know Before You Use It!

PayPal.me Review : Pros & ConsPayPal.ME is brand spanking new, and I just found out about it this week from Paul Myers of Talk Biz News.

I decided to check it out, and have to come to a few interesting conclusions through my tests. Some good, some bad.

Well, not necessarily "bad" - just that there are definitely better options.

To the left is what PayPal.ME looks like if you click on someone's link.

Here's my link if you want to see it live: http://paypal.me/LynnTerry

It's very personalized, and even includes your headshot or preferred photo/logo.

It automatically uses the name associated with your PayPal account (mine is "ClickNewz"), which you can NOT edit.

You do get to choose the photo shown on your page though, and you also get to create your own bio or description that will be displayed on your payment page.


Click here https://www.paypal.me/my to set a PayPal.ME page. Whether you plan to use it or not, you should claim your name. The last thing you want is for someone else to claim your name or business name, and use a photo of you, to impersonate you to collect money.

There are some cool things about this new PayPal feature, but there are also some serious drawbacks. Let's look at both...