Is The “Internet Marketing Lifestyle”… Realistic?

I just returned from an out-of-country beach trip with girl friends, and while I was away someone shared the video above on my Facebook profile. Interesting timing for Gary Vaynerchuk to share this particular message. Interesting indeed.

I have something I want to share with you on this point - which was a GREAT point, by the way - but first, here's where I was sitting when I watched that video myself...

Free Product Review Checklist & Templates + Lynn’s Creative Product Promotion Ideas

free product review templatesThis morning I read this free guide on how to write a product review...

It's a quick read at only 11-pages, and includes templates to help you easily create reviews & product comparisons.

Keep reading too, because I also included some of my own tips (below) for writing exceptional product reviews... that attract readers and make sales. :)

When it comes to making purchase decisions, the one place people turn to most for their research is the Internet.

They look for product reviews, comparisons and other information, so they can make the most informed decision possible.

This is a potential goldmine for online business owners, but how do you put together product reviews that inform your readers and inspire them to make the purchase as well?

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Private Brainstorming Group: Only $37 Today or Lifetime Access Option Available Too – Join Us!

I have exciting news! It affects you, so please read this quick note and make a decision on the direction you want to take as changes unfold here at ClickNewz - specifically with the forum/community.

I am moving the entire ClickNewz forum into aMember, as I mentioned in my recent update. There will no longer be a free/public forum. But there are still some great options! PLUS I opened back up the super cheap monthly option if you'd still like to join us "behind the scenes". :)

The 10 Books On My Desk Today


Fun Update On Productivity & Home Office Goals

Rearranging Home Office SpaceThe other night Ricky and I went out to dinner, and mapped out the rearranging of my Home Office space on the paper tablecloth - with crayons. :) LOL.

I thought I'd give you a quick update on how things are going, what changes I'm making, and some of the cool resources I've found - plus new decisions I've been making along the way (and why).

This Home Office Organization thing has been a HUGE project. It started out as my "July Project", but we're into August already and I'm STILL working on this one. That's okay. Sometimes you miss a deadline. Just keep at it, stay on a roll, adjust your "deadline" and GET IT DONE...

Productivity: Strategic Planning vs NOT Planning (or Flying By The Seat Of Your Burning Pants!)

Inner Guide Planner     Action Day Notepad

Some people over-plan, which is often just a fancy form of procrastination - giving you some false sense of accomplishment by wasting tons of time planning something out to the very last detail... instead of actually implementing the plan.

Take A Spin In My Reclining Massage Chair!

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