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    Wordpress Theme Generator

    After spending several hours creating a custom wordpress theme and then deleting it, I realized there must be a market here for a kind of visual design software for wordpress - a 'theme generator'.
  3. Wordpress Twitter Poster Plugin (automated)

    Having trouble finding a good one. Seems many were produced, few still work.

    Any positive experiences to share?

    Thank you..
  4. Free, Participatory Web conferences & Webinars

    Hello community.

    I'm looking for free web conferences or webinars for Internet Marketing related topics. Something which allows a lot of interaction (for myself & the audience) and preferably...
  5. If you had an expertise in nothing, how would you build a money making website?

    as per title..
  6. Special $50 new custom websites for your small business!

    Hello SSWT members,

    For a limited time I would like to offer you a new high quality website for your small business for only $50!

    This includes:

    A custom design (or a design of your...
  7. Personally I would install MODx...

    Personally I would install MODx with the gallery plugin. Once you have it set up it's pretty simple. It's main advantage is tremendous flexibility - you can make it look any way you want.

  8. I think whether you want to use Wordpress or not...

    I think whether you want to use Wordpress or not depends on what exactly you have in mind for the site. If you're going to be writing and posting a lot in the beginning, I would stick with Wordpress....
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    I do agree with what you're saying, but I've...

    I do agree with what you're saying, but I've attempted to make the website (and my others) as helpful as possible.. In your opinion does the site come across as such? I realize I could build it up...
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    Hi jkgourmet - Actually your response does...

    Hi jkgourmet -

    Actually your response does help me - it tells me the site lacks credibility. As for the ads, I recently removed them.

    Important people in my life have smoked, hence how I...
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    Can This Website be Profitable?

    Hello community.

    For some time, I have been working on making my various websites profitable. One of my more recent projects is this one (it has undergone 2 revisions).

    Unfortunately, it has...
  12. Website Maintenance Services - Focus on Your Passion!

    Special for SSWT Members! Half off new website with your testimonial!

    Dear small business owner,

    When it comes to your business, you know the value of focusing on your strengths. And to...
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