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Thread: How to get a good traffic for site?

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    One strategy a social media expert I worked with told me is to basically go on twitter and start favouriting comments made by people who follow your competitors. This way they will be drawn to you since your in an industry that interests them and everyone likes to be favourited!

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    You could start with website like that, but after that you really need to take care of your website.
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    Hi, alex

    Getting a good traffic is slight a tough job, but if done systematically, this can be made a lot easier and for that you can:
    1) Advertise: Paid search, social media advertising and display advertising are all excellent ways of attracting visitors.
    2) Get Social: Use social media channels to promote your content.
    3) Write Irresistible Headlines: Without a compelling headline, even the most comprehensive blog post will go unread.
    4) Target Long-Tail Keywords
    5) Go After Referral Traffic.

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    Start a PPC campaign for your targeted customer

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    Posts in YT popular channels?

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    Focus on your link building. Rather than creating thousands of links, try to acquire some quality links which can drive traffic to your website. Post infographics, share some informative posts on high authoritative blogs, do some press release about your your product or service if any. Also concentrate on social media. You can get loads of traffic through Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. You can create Facebook page, Google page and attract more followers, discuss, share about your product or service, but dont spam at any cost. All the best

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    Ana Hoffman does a good blog about getting traffic - here's something I learned from her: when you create an informative blog post - turn it into a PDF and upload it (with keyword tags correctly chosen) to

    It's simple and takes only a couple of minutes...

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    There is no automated solution to just bringing in traffic day after day. You gotta produce content, and you gotta promote that content even harder. Simple.

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    These are the very useful information.

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    There are two ways to get traffic- SEO and PPC. Email Marketing can also be an option to drive huge traffic.

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