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Thread: Need advice for our new company

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    Default Need advice for our new company

    Hello, my brother and I have created a new marketing research company for the little guy. It allows people to do market research without paying huge amounts of money to market research firms. We are in the initial stages of publicizing our site. We are anxious to get feedback from all you marketers regarding on how it can be improved. The URL of the site is

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    I can't tell what your site is about, or who it's for, when I land on it. You'll definitely want to make it more descriptive. A modern look & feel would help as well, if you want current marketers to take your services seriously.
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    JenniferJeny Guest


    Make your webpage contains more useful and relevant information. And do social media optimization.

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    I agree with Lynne. What is your site about? Who is it for? What are you offering me when I go to your site?

    Take a look at other websites in your niche and see what they do. How do they pitch their services? The look and feel of their website. Take a few ideas and go with those and redesign your site (but only the ideas - don't copy them!!).

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    Your site looks like it's still in beta faze. You need to make it more appealing and describe what are you all about. I haven't checked it on my phone, but you definitely should if you haven't already. I sure hope it's responsive.

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