Ok so I have started by business. We have our website, a Facebook and twitter... but not followers yet..
I am starting to blog and create content but it does no good if its not seen by anybody....
I was hoping that you all could give me some specific things to do just to initially gain some traffic.

heres a few of the things that I am guessing I should do, but perhaps you could clarify...?

- I made a personal Facebook page which is left blank so that I could make the business page. Am I supposed to pay attention to my personal page and start finding my real life friends and acquaintances on here to drive them to my business page?

- In twitter I was told I should look at people who follow my competitors and start favouriting there comments and they will probably follow me... Is this correct?

- When should I begin things like google adwords and Facebook ads? Should I already have some good content?

anyways any and all help would be so appreciated!