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Thread: Site Design and software issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by romesaranto View Post
    An option may be Drupal. ...
    I think Drupal may be overkill for what the OP (original poster) needs. If the OP is having a bit of trouble understanding the technical side of things...Drupal will absolutely bury them in frustration. Just wait till it comes to updating a Drupal install never mind actually using it to create a web site.

    Just my two cents.


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    What kind of code does the popshops generate? Is it done in java, html... ? I'm asking because I prefer all of my product pages to be coded in HTML so that the product names, descriptions, etc are "seen" by the search engines. I get a lot of traffic to my affiliate product pages by product name etc.
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    A few things about Popshops. In the free version, it is only Javascript but you can also add the code to your typepad or blogger site which is kind of cool for the new beginner who wants a site up but is still working on figuring out wordpress or what not.

    If you upgrade to Pro you can use html and php and asp. Then if you want even more options( not to mention the ability to create unlimited shops), you can go Enterprise and do XML, CSV, ATOM and RSS2 versions of your shop.

    There are lots of videos and such for tutorials so you can learn to create the best shop you can. I haven't much gotten into it yet, but am thinking of adding a shop to one of my other sites too. Who knows, maybe I will work on writing a tutorial once I have played around with it more(since we all know I love writing tutorials).

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    Following along on this discussion, I have a different question - is anyone using the WordPress Ultra Simple PayPal Shopping Cart? I'm trying to figure out how best to automatically redirect the customer to the correct web page after a paypal purchase when you have multiple reports to sell. I have 3 reports, so I need 3 different return URL's - and it looks like this plugin only allows one redirect page.
    For folks who sell info products, is there another plugin you prefer? Or can you coach me on this one?

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