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Thread: Best budget web design platform?

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    You can use WordPress, which is free and easy. I have a checklist for setting that up here: How to Start a WordPress Blog. You could also use NVU which is a free HTML editor if you want to create a traditional static website.
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    Hey Victor,

    I just started using WordPress on a regular basis and really like it. Lots of plugins available, many for free that return a good product.

    Lynn's blogs about Setting up WordPress are indispensable. If you go with WordPress - use them!

    I too have been looking at XsitePro - looks good, but haven't yet been sold. What do you like or dislike about it?

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    Using Wordpress makes life easy and it's free.

    I'm also a fan of the Coffee Cup softwares, they are simple to use and fairly affordable.

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    Wordpress is the ONLY way I go now, for me, my affiliate sites and my clients. I haven't used Dreamweaver for over 2 years now and am really happy!

    Really can't beat Wordpress for the price (free), SEO power, easy of use, speed to launch, flexibility of design (thousands of themes available), access from any computer w/internet including my iphone and the incredible power and flexibility of all the free plugins.

    I also like using premium themes from but there are tons of free themes.

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    I use XSitePro and would be happy to answer any questions you have about the software. My review of the web design software is on Lynn's blog on her post XSitePro Reviews. Hope this helps!

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