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Thread: blogger or wordpress?

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    I used blogger for a couple of yrs and never had a problem. Just recently i moved to WP. Blogger made it very easy for me to transport my blog, after that I was on my own w/WP and what a hassle! You have to learn about FTP and php's and all kinds of acronyms!

    I'm here to stay, so I'll just keep learning, but some nights i murmur "Blogger" in my sleep and some days I cry out his name! He was soooo good to me: simple, kind, friendly, loving...
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    If you're starter I recommend you to use blogger but after that and you already know a bit of html I recommend you to buy your own domain and webhost space
    See, I disagree with this. I would not recommend starting on Blogger if you don't have a blog. Why not just start with Wordpress so you don't have the headache of transferring later on. As for html, you don't really have to know a ton to use WP if at all. You'll learn as you it's my personal recommendation to start with buying your own domain, get web host space and use Wordpress.

    Just my thoughts this early Thurs. morning

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    See my reasons why here:

    Blogger vs Wordpress

    How to Start A WordPress Blog (checklist)
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