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Thread: Ever wanted to know how to select colors for your blog and websites?

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    Default Ever wanted to know how to select colors for your blog and websites?

    Check out this color chart that show colors and their matching/opposite colors. Really useful for website and blog design

    You can click on each color on the chart to get the special number to use in your website/blog customization. I also open the negative color in another browser to see which colors can be used as the contrasting color. We all know that black is the opposite of white. But what about yellow, blue etc? Do you know what the opposite colors are?


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    Hey Andre, great color chart. I also found this site to be helpful when trying to come up with website color combinations. It's amazing how a small thing like choosing colors can hang you up, so I found this site to be a big help for getting color combo ideas :-)

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    That's a useful little tool. I'll admit I usually come up with a site color combination through shameless copycating. I find a professional looking site appealing to a similar niche, do a screen capture, drop it into Photoshop and check the colors with the eyedropper tool. Color schemes aren't copyrighted, BTW. This is a good technique if you're a guy who finds color design about as puzzling as interior decorating. Some of the pros seem to do the same thing. I find a lot of sites with Amazon's blue and orange scheme, for instance.


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    Check out:

    You can create a color palette.

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    Clare Swindlehurst Guest


    Another great site for colour schemes is Adobe Kuler. I've used it to create most of my blog banners to make sure the colours work well together.

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    I have never though about it in the past, nice link thanks for sharing, next time i'll keep that in mind.

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    I agree with Clare. Adobe Kuler is a really good site for designers. I helps a lot. I would recommend it to others as well but what i have noticed no matter how good you find it, every designer has a different taste and liking. Thus you never know what you like may not be that well appreciated in the eyes of some one else.

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    Nice link.. i will look forword on it while working on my next site.

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    This is so helpful to me right now. I am working on redesigning a site and need help with the colors. Thanks!

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    Thanks for sharing the links. Great stuff!

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