Ok people. Brace yourself, because I think I have developed the mother of all list building systems - and I did it by accident!

Here goes:

I have been interested in developing a Master Resell Rights membership site for some time, but had heard of an instant site creator as I'm not too experienced with scripts. I looked on Tradebit, and sure enough, was able to get it for $1.

The thing works great. No database set up, no big file uploads, etc. Not much editing, etc. You fill out a form that takes 5 minutes and the software does the rest.

Now, you still need to build out the site. You can use regular web templates, install a WP blog, forum, etc. You can basically deliver your content however you want to.

I went with some static templates I got for $1 on Tradebit last week.

It took me 3-4 hours to build the templates out, add my downloads to my server, upload pics, etc.

I then built a sales page. My idea was to sell a lifetime membership for $9.95. That would give the member 6 new, up-to date MRR products every month. I also had the idea to add each of the 6 new products on the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th of each month. That would keep them coming back to the site and I figured I could set up an OTO or promote something new on each of those dates.

Anyway, that's beside the point.

Here is where the magic happened. As I was looking through the settings, I noticed you could set it to automatically subscribe someone to your autoresponder after they signed up.

Bingo! That's when it hit me. Instead of selling the membership, I should give it away to build my list!

It's simple. I made an awesome splash page and put the signup link on it. This sign up link is what they would normally get after purchasing, but I just put it on the page. Now when they click it, they can immediately set up a free membership, and as soon as they do, they get a confirmation email from my autoresponder.

Now, therein lies the problem of getting them to confirm. That was easy enough. Once they log-in, I set up a message explaining to them that they will be getting two emails. One with their account details, and one for "Random Hot Downloads". That's just what I used as an incentive to get them to confirm.

I will send each member 2 "random hot downloads" every month in addition to their regular 6 products they get with the membership. That was easily set up as follow up messages right in the autoresponder. You just set the messages up 15 days apart.

Ok, now how did I get all those leads?

Simple. I set up my squeeze page on 4 traffic exchanges that I have memberships to. Now, I know what you're thinking: "Ugghh-Traffic Exchanges!" I also used up about 3000 safelist credits I had and sent out some solo emails.

But, we aren't using them in the normal way. All you want the visitor to do is to create a free membership, which many of them will do, because who doesn't want some cool free MRR products? They are basically being added to your list in "stealth" mode.

In my welcome email, however, I also explained that they will receive other promotional offers in addition to the 2 "random hot downloads" every month.

I set up the squeeze page at 8am this morning. It's almost 8pm now, and I got 78 leads so far today that opted in!

These people are also not likely to opt-out, because then they won't get their downloads. Also, it's a good way to get people into the membership site 6 times a month.

You can market with that in many ways. You can put your own viral ebooks in there for download, you can put Clickbank product banners (which I did), etc.

And you can send out an email here and there to the list of members.

Also, the traffic sources don't have to be TE's. You can still use article marketing, blog commenting, forums, Hubs, Lenses, etc.

So, will anyone else give it a go? If anyone has any questions, send me a PM. I'll be glad to help.