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Thread: OMIGLI - Any success with it?

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    I have read on one of the thread that OMIGLI was a good method to drive traffic. I have used it for a few days and I think it just does not work for me. There seems to be a lot of old posts coming up all the time.

    Anyone has any success with this?

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    It's only until recently I found out about using OMIGLI as a traffic source and I'm just testing it out.
    OMGILI is really useful for people who's main source of traffic is from blog & forum reply posting, becuase the way it works is, keyword searches in made through blog & forum sites, granted some of the posts can be old.
    It's also a good way for people who have no list or limited number of people, to generate a list, it's no means the fastest and most effective way of increasing traffic and a list.
    One of the fastest has to be list and autoresponder swaps, however for that, you need around 300 - 500 people in your list.
    My greatest success with OMGILI, is accidentally finding a ton of classified sites, which I was after.

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