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Thread: Understanding Keywords

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    I don't have input on which is better because it's really a personality thing. The blogs that I know are personal are extremely, intimately personal. Like Dooce and Bloggess and Penelope Trunk. They get tons and tons of traffic and monetize that in at least 5 ways that I can see and probably others I can't.

    If you have that type of personality it can work for you. If you don't, well you might find more it nerve wracking and quit.

    I'd definitely study what they have done, take into account what they are doing now and ask yourself,

    Which has more appeal to you? Which will be the most fun for you? Which do you feel you can commit to doing for the next while?
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    Dooce was anonymous originally, until she got figured out by her boss (and fired) and ultimately outed to her family. Just FYI. I wouldn't use my real name on a personal blog (I have one, and don't). As for how you monetize, you simply include product links when you talking about organizing or vacations or any other topic - link to what you use & recommend. People love getting recommendations from real people!

    That said, a specific topic & niche may suit you better. That's totally up to you. With your related interests, I thought a more broad and personal approach might be more fun and exciting for you.

    As for why some "mom blogs" and "personal blogs" don't do well, it's because they're not marketing them properly. Most of them stay within the "mommy blogger inner circle" and know very little about targeting and search engine optimization. ;-)

    On Dooce, here is the Wiki to give you some brief history:

    I can't remember where I read about her earnings before, but I know that her husband quit his job to manage her advertising - and they are a family of four living VERY well off her blog alone. (I believe she recently divorced or separated, btw). Hers is an exceptional story, of course. But she's proven it can be done. ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynn Terry View Post
    It's a model to study. But there are a couple of key factors: first, she started "way back when" before there were many personal blogs at all. And second, she was really "full on" with her topics and content. She ended up losing her job and becoming alienated from her family over it, even - so long time readers have watched all that unfold, including her meeting and marrying and divorcing her husband - having & raising her children, etc.
    Thanks for the explanation, Lynn. I'm sure the timing of it (being "way back when") had much to do with how it all unfolded. I'm going to do some research on this/her as I love to dissect successful blogs.

    Boy, you just never know what you'll find out here on the elite forum!


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