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  1. Subdomains...subfolders?

    Which and why?


  2. It really depends on the purpose that you have for the page/files you are going to associate with it. If you are going to set up a related site or section, related to the primary domain that is, but its also a stand-alone section/site... then a subdomain may be the right option.

    Subdomains are treated separately by the search engines. Subfolders, or directories within the root folder, are considered part of the primary domain.

    Subdomains look like this:

    Subfolders look like this:

    They are both set up the same in your control panel - as folders within the root. But they are treated differently by the search engines. One is an organized section on your main site. The other is a stand-alone site.

  3. Great, thanks.

    I use subfolders, but not started with subdomains.

    So I could easy build more sites even having only one domain, by creating subdomains..



  4. Related "sites", yes. Otherwise you want to use Add-on domains, which means you add new domains on to your one hosting account. Most hosting accounts with allow you to add multiple domain names to the same account, so your only investment in new sites is the domain registration fee for each.

  5. Ade Lamidi says

    I use the add-on domains facility at my hosting company. Very effective.

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