Facebook Live Sales & Leads Challenge

Monique and I had a great chat yesterday about her Facebook Live Sales & Leads Challenge that starts Wednesday (tomorrow).

We also discussed my "winging it" strategy vs her structure & systems 🤔 and the pros and cons of both! If you missed our FUN video, watch it here:

📲 Learn More About The Challenge Here

Live Video has been the most profitable addition to my niche marketing strategy over the last couple of years.

I dove in after hearing Monique speak about it at an event in Atlanta 2 years ago. The results were surprising and amazing! 📈

Obviously it became a regular part of my marketing & sales strategy from that point forward - and my conversion rates have continued to climb. 😉

Don't miss out on this opportunity to dramatically BOOST your reach & revenue, and take your business to the next level with more engaged leads and WAY higher conversion rates!

Facebook Marketing Tips

I signed up for the challenge myself because I need more STRUCTURE to my live video & video marketing strategy. I just starting using her free video sales templates to close/convert. She has a solid system, and SYSTEM & structure is exactly what I need! 😛

What to expect from this challenge & fast-track training...

In just 7 short days you'll walk away with proven systems, put them to work, and start seeing exciting results. And all right before the BIGGEST sales weekend of the year & holiday / year-end sales rush!

What you'll learn from Monique is based on the success of 6 and 7 figure clients she's worked with personally. So these are proven systems.

They’ve been adapted to fit anyone at any level of business in ANY niche -- so you won’t be trying to implement strategies that you’re not yet ready for yet and can’t benefit from.

Monique tailored the challenge so you can easily plug her proven strategies & systems into your current business - for faster, better results, and a quick increase in conversions!

In this 7 day challenge, Monique is going to show you how to connect the dots: how to take the systems that the most successful influencers are using to gain exposure, KEEP attention and convert their audiences - and she'll teach you how to apply those systems to your business exactly where you are right now.

I can’t tell you enough how valuable this will be to the future of your business and your impact!

This challenge is made to fit YOUR unique business, brand, and messaging. Simply take the framework, apply it to your business, and allow it to work for you - regardless of your industry, niche, or what stage you’re at in your business journey.

This challenge & fast-track training is your opportunity to ROCK all the holiday, year-end & New Year sales - and step into 2020 with your business ON FIRE. 🔥

I hope you enjoy the video above...

We talked about your social real estate and digital assets, the pros & cons of having systems in place and a structure to your content marketing (to easily increase your conversions) - and the benefits of "winging it" too! - plus details about Monique's FUN challenge that starts tomorrow.

There's only ONE day left to sign up...

Facebook Live Challenge

📲 Sign up for the Challenge today & join us!

I'll look for you on the inside...

It'll be fun to work TOGETHER on this! 🙂

Lynn Terry

p.s. If you don't know Monique Johnson yet, you'll be glad you met her. 🙂

Monique just spoke on the main stage at Hubspot's Inbound conference to a standing room only crowd about the power of live video marketing - and that's just ONE bit from her long list of credentials & years of experience.

I hope you'll join us this week...

Today is the last day to sign up!

📲 💻 🤳

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