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"Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities." ~Gloria Steinem

Do you make lists, use a digital planner, mindmaps, a whiteboard, spreadsheets, are you a doodler or do you GEEK OUT over planners & journals and have a creative flair for planning - or do you WISH you did?



What's your goal planning style?!


Goal Planning Journals


MY goal planning strategy hasn't been working for me...

So it's time for a change!

I've had a successful, profitable business for over 23 years, so obviously what I'm doing IS working - to an extent, at least. πŸ˜‰

What I'm finding though, is no matter how productive or how profitable my day is, I'm not getting to the BIG goals. Or I haven't been making room in my schedule or routine for the things I really want to accomplish in my life & business.

Do you get caught up in the "dailies" just checking off tasks?

More often than not, that's me. 🙋‍♀️

I've been using Evernote for quite a few years now, mainly because it syncs EVERYTHING (all my projects, my grocery list, you name it) across ALL my mobile devices & laptop computers.

It has a lot of great features including checklists, goal templates and nested notebooks to keep all of your projects neatly organized and easily accessible.

But lately I've been craving a more hands-on goal setting and goal planning experience, with more visual inspiration.

I'm keeping Evernote (because it works!) but I'm adding in hands-on paper journals & goal planners with lots of color & creativity. ‍🎨 - which is proving to bring back the FUN to goal setting & project planning!


Here's what is currently spread out across my planning desk:

First, my two FAVORITE goal-setting planners...

I always pick UNDATED planners & journals, by the way. What about you - do you prefer dated day-planner style, or something you can pick back up anytime without losing dating pages?

Dated or Undated, comes in a variety of colors & cover styles: Deluxe Law of Attraction Life Planner - A 12 Month Journey to Increase Productivity, Passion, Purpose & Happiness - Happy Weekly Goal Planner, Organizer & Gratitude Journal + Planner Stickers (LOVE this one!)


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ TOP Favorite: "Life Coach In A Book" undated 90-day Motivation & Success Planner for SERIOUS fast-track goal planning! ✅


Over 200 unique stickers, handrawn & FUN for inspiration and positivity, to liven up my journaling & planning 🤸 with lots of COLOR and pick-me-ups!

ERASABLE gel pens in lots of colors - because I was nervous about messing up my journal w/ink 😅 and erasable pens gave me the FREEDOM to PLAY in my goal planners more!


Fun stencils, to liven things up in my planners or journal pages - and also to use on other creative projects (flower pots, picture frames, etc). Love these!

Because I wanted to get 🎨 COLORFUL about it!!

I recently ordered this blog planner & book set but haven't had a chance to dig in yet: CREATE Blog and Editorial Planner: Create Exceptional Content, Get More Done and Smash Through Your Blogging Goals 💥

+ Intensive Biz Playbook & Planner: Scale Your Online Business, Create Explosive Growth and Build a Brand You Crave


ALL the stickers! 🤩

Planner Stickers - Wake Up Kick Ass (Set of 150 Stickers)

Classic Sticker Book Edition 4 (492 Stickers). Decorative and Cute Stickers for Customizing Planners, Notebooks, and More


Essentials Weekly Planner Stickers (Set of 575 Stickers)

Creative Planner Stickers (1k+ pcs Value Pack) - New Functional & Decorative Designer Stickers for Bullet Journals, Planners & Calendars for Happy Planning

That's a quick tour of all the FUN & creative goal-setting and project planning tools in front of me right now, and I absolutely cannot wait to dig in and get colorful & visual with it all!

My goal: to create something between a Vision Board and a Planner - like a "vision book" πŸ™‚ that helps me visualize my projects, my plans and my GOALS in a way that lights that FIRE of motivtaion & excitement in me... all over again! 🔥


What's working for you, and what isn't?

I'd love to hear about or SEE what you're using!

How do you map out your most ambitious goals and long-term plans, and how do you manage your current projects and immediate goals?

Drop a comment and let's inspire each other with some FUN goal planning apps, strategies & ideas!





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  1. My favorite is the $3 monthly planner at Dollar General. I also love a freebie that the pharmacy here gives out. I bought the My Story Matters planner by Susan May Warren, and I do love it, but it's more complicated than I like, so not sure how much I'll use it.
    I've gotten into creating them in PowerPoint and am working on building a new PLR and printables business.
    I need to get back into Clicknewz, too and back into your brainstorming hour on Thursdays. πŸ™‚

    • Hey Patti! It's so great to hear from you. πŸ™‚ Very cool that you're creating your own digital versions, and love the idea of your printables business. I look forward to hearing more, so definitely pop into the private forum or hop on Brainstorming Hour when you can and let's catch up & throw some ideas around. πŸ˜‰ See you there!

  2. I use the Passion Planner, and have for the last 3 years. I started with Franklin but it's too bulky, and I also gave Ink & Volt a shot. There's just something about Passion that suits me well... now if I'll just use it more often... πŸ™‚

  3. Iris R Johnson says

    Hi Lynn!

    You've shared some really nice planner options with a great array of sticker packs from which to choose. With all of the many choices available, I find picking a goal planner to be overwhelming! Finding something that's tailored to my needs AND sticking with it by using it daily is the challenge I'm facing most often.

    Juggling two different planners usually results in me forgetting to pick one back up, which eventually results in me using nothing within a short period of time.

    Like Patti, I need to hop back into the Brainstorming Hour on Thursdays, too. I really miss those sessions.

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