📅 2020 Content Marketing Calendar + 100 Social Media Ideas (Free Download)


Need EASY social media ideas and an organized calendar for ALL of your 2020 content marketing?

2020 Social Media Content IdeasI've got you covered. 😉

Smart marketers are gearing up for 2020 and getting set up for an AMAZING year!

This part always makes me feel totally overwhelmed to be honest.

It's like my brain freezes up just thinking about it all, especially right after the holidays & new year!

This year though, I found the PERFECT solution. 🎯

I discovered Angie Gensler, and the 2020 "Done-For-You" Social Media Content Calendar she created. I don't even know how it first crossed my screen, but I'm SO glad I stopped and checked it out!

If you're scanning in a hurry, there are 3 points in this note:

1. I scored you 20% off this GREAT content calendar (and it's already inexpensive!). If you're in a hurry click here and use code LYNNTERRY for the discount.

2. Her free downloads are FULL of brilliant ideas. You definitely want to grab & use those. Start with this one: Free Social Media Cheat Sheet

Both of thoseย ☝️ are great for ANY niche and any business model.

3. Her funnel is SO simple yet so WELL DONE, that I encourage you to analyze itย 🔎 and use it as a working model to emulate...

🤳 Smove Mobile: Your Virtual Cinematographer for Social Marketing 🔥


If you struggle to create decent marketing videos, or get frustrated with mobile livestreaming & video quality 🤳 you MUST check out Smove.

It's the TOP mobile gimbal / pro mobile stabilizer, and the ONLY one that does face-tracking (and even product tracking!) which allows you to create HIGH quality videos without expensive equipment or HOURS of learning.

With a Smove Mobile you can easily create your own livestreams, videos or even product demo videos that look like you have your own personal cinematographer.

I also scored you a discount code for SMOVE ๐Ÿ˜‰ Use code lynnterry10 at checkout for an exclusive discount!

Watch this (and prepare to be IMPRESSED at what it does):

I just got mine so I can't wait to unbox it and start using it for demo videos and also for action shots on my fun adventures! ๐Ÿ™‚

I got the SmoveMobile instead of this smaller Smove. I was torn, but there's only about a $20 difference and I love the longer handle & built in tripod of the SM. I do love this smaller Smove (vs SmoveMobile) because it's SO compact.

Facebook Live Sales & Leads Challenge

Monique and I had a great chat yesterday about her Facebook Live Sales & Leads Challenge that starts Wednesday (tomorrow).

We also discussed my "winging it" strategy vs her structure & systems 🤔 and the pros and cons of both! If you missed our FUN video, watch it here:

📲 Learn More About The Challenge Here

Live Video has been the most profitable addition to my niche marketing strategy over the last couple of years.

Are you causing your own failures? Stop that!

What are you avoiding or procrastinating on in your business out of fear, a confidence crisis, or because you worry it won't be good enough - or that it will just flat out FAIL? Or maybe you have another reason for hesitating on your projects and goals...

➡️ Newsflash: you guarantee failure with "failure to launch!" ๐Ÿ˜‰

Just DO THINGS - do things less than perfect, do them badly even, then tweak & improve as you go. ☑️

Get in the habit of FINISHING and PUBLISHING.

💡 6 Types of Content to Boost Your Social Media Engagement

This should be FUN - and they're all easy ways to see fast results. ๐Ÿ™‚

My challenge to you for the week: Do each of these 6 easy content ideas to improve your traffic & social media engagement!

Alice Seba posed a question this week on Facebook in one of her groups about free vs paid content, or access to you. My answer to that was 1- it depends on your niche and business model (of course). And 2- The more content I create and the more accessible I am to my audience... the more money I make. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you want exposure, traffic & sales - creating content is the answer. Even if it's just on social media (quick & easy!) and even if you don't yet have anything to offer or sell (use affiliate links!).

It's just TOO EASY to be making sales online right now for you to NOT be doing it.

Brainstorming Hour Replay: Monday, October 22nd 2018

Creative Blogging Ideas

Brainstorming Hour Replay: Monday, October 22nd 2018


* Creative to use other people's content for ideas & inspiration for COOL projects - without stealing their content. ๐Ÿ˜‰

* Creating EASY Content Upgrades to Build Your List

* It's not too late to sign up for the FREE course creation training. Yes, they'll have recordings/replays!

* Discussion: 32 Simple Tasks/Ideas To Get More Traffic & Sales

* TIP: the next best click... should never be the X or the back button!

* Go back through your blog posts and content pages and add/improve the call-to-action

* Discussion: "Do more of what's working and less of what's not." (Examples)

* Repurposing content you've already created into products and sales.

* How To Create Digital Products - Quickly & Easily

* Content inspiration from Pinterest + creative ways to use it!

* Easy Blog Content: Roundup Posts (Examples)

* Turning a single blog post or checklist into an interactive content series.


Lots of creative ideas! Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Only members can attend live Brainstorming Hour sessions or watch the interactive replays. Click here to watch the replay of this session, or click here to join the ClickNewz Private Brainstorming Group.



32 Ideas & Simple Tasks That Will Make You Money In ANY Niche


In Brainstorming Hour weโ€™ve been discussing creative ways to increase Reach and Revenue, because those are the two MOST important things you can focus on when it comes to building your business - or even just making money online.

I sat down and came up with a quick list off the top of my head to give you some actionable ideas that will make you money in ANY niche.

Obviously you can use this list to make MORE money, to boost your established business with increased traffic & sales.

Consider it a running list to work from whenever you need a fresh idea or a quick boost. Just pick one and run with it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Iโ€™ll be sharing detailed how-to information & ideas for each of the tasks/ideas on this list here on my blog at ClickNewz, so stay tuned!

Weโ€™ll also be discussing them in detail in the Weekly Marketing Challenge Group - with FUN mini challenges! - so be sure to join us there as well.

Ideas for Making Money Online and Increasing your Reach and Revenue Fast

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