Need *Real* Help With Your Online Business?

If you've considered hiring a coach, joining a mastermind group, or getting help with your online business, you should read this today...

Lynn TerryI have a little secret: For more than 10 years now I've been personally helping hundreds of people just like you start a business online, or take their business to the next level. I do it quietly in my Private Brainstorming Group (which is often closed to new members).

I've helped people go from "absolutely no idea where to start" to making their first sale online - within 30 days!

I also work with seasoned entrepreneurs, and help them improve their business model & revenue dramatically.

It's a very diverse group of serious action-takers...

The group has members on all levels, from total beginner to six-figure earners, with a variety of online business models such as: affiliate marketing, professional blogging, e-commerce, product creators, service-based businesses, etc.

Why hire an expensive coach, when you can have an online marketing expert with 17 years experience PLUS an entire community on your side? You simply can't find better hands-on help, personal support, or detailed feedback at a low rate like this. Period.

Ready to Get Real Hands-On Help With Your Online Business - From an Expert - Starting Today?

Joining is easy - and I would love to work with you!

All you have to do is register at the forum, confirm your registration by email, and you can then upgrade here to become an Elite Member and gain instant access to my Private Brainstorming Group.

The group is currently open to new members (for now - I often close it for long periods). It's ridiculously inexpensive to join at only $199/biannually or $360/annually - which comes to just $30/month.

I'm actively involved in the Private Brainstorming Group, and very hands-on with individual members. This is the one place I can be found online, even when I'm quiet everywhere else. I host two live calls on Monday and Thursday every week for members called Brainstorming Hour, which are always jam-packed with great topics & creative ideas. They're also recorded, with interactive multimedia replays.

You can click here to see the topics covered, and to get an idea just how active we are as a community.

I've kept it somewhat quiet because I like to keep the quality of the group as high as possible. It's less about money for me - as you can tell from the ridiculously low price (which is basically a "qualifier"), and more about having a dedicated space to work with serious action-takers, which is an absolute highlight for me...

What To Expect When You Join Us:

  • Instant Access to the Private Brainstorming Forum (open 24/7)
  • Live Brainstorming Hour Twice Every Week
  • Personal Hands-On Help With YOUR Online Business
  • Live Site Reviews, Feedback & Usability Tests
  • Hands-On Help With Technical Issues & Learning Curves
  • Live Ongoing Case Studies To Learn From
  • Monthly Challenges To Help You Improve Your Business
  • A Mastermind Group for Accountability & Brainstorming
  • New, Creative Ideas + Hands-On Help With Implementation
  • FREE Access to my Social Marketing & Niche Success Courses!


There's something incredibly powerful about the feedback and ideas that are exchanged, the energy in a great group and how it fuels your creativity, and the motivation from being accountable for your goals.

You'll never really know what it can do for your business, and for you personally, until you experience it for yourself...

It's an awesome community, if I do say so myself. :D But here's what Lori says:

ClickNewz Testimonial

We brainstorm everything from ideas and domain names, to advanced marketing strategies and creative ideas for a serious increase in traffic and sales.

If you're looking for a great Mastermind Group, with people like you to brainstorm with, plus expert business & marketing help... join us today!

All you have to do is register at the forum, confirm your registration by email, and you can then upgrade here to become an Elite Member and gain instant access to my Private Brainstorming Group.

We are very hands-on, and I personally work with members on the micro level. Everything from design & usability, down to keyword targeting and refining your call to action for better conversions. Sometimes it's the smallest changes that bring the biggest results. Sometimes it's a complete overhaul, with plenty of help to make it happen. Whatever the case, I can help you with that.

I would love to help you take your business to the next level.

If you have any questions, contact me directly or leave a comment below.


p.s. The current rate is only $199 for six months or $360/year (which comes out to only $30/month). It's a GREAT deal for my hands-on help with your business. ;-) Especially considering I have 17+ years experience actually working in the trenches online (and not just coaching, which is the case with most "coaches").

You'll be seriously hard-pressed to find better help, a more devoted person, or a better deal, anywhere else on the web. Period.

I hope you'll join us, because I look forward to working with you!

Click here to Register, or if you're already registered: Upgrade Here
(note: you must be logged in to see the option to upgrade).


  1. Lynn:
    Hi. Just to advise of my joining the Mastermind Group. Over the next few days I will
    be following your recommended course of review of selected items noted in our last communication (12/30/13). Thanks, again.

    Liz Hancock

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