Monday Mission: Micro-Tasking & Focus!

  Staying focused can be one of the hardest things to do when you work online. You know what you need to do, you have tons of ideas to work with, or several projects in the works, but there's a constant stream of distractions and endless ways to procrastinate... enticing you to jump from one […]

Goal Planners & Journals for Creating Success

  "Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities." ~Gloria Steinem Do you make lists, use a digital planner, mindmaps, a whiteboard, spreadsheets, are you a doodler or do you GEEK OUT over planners & journals and have a creative flair for planning - or do you WISH you did? 📅📚🖍📖✍️ […]

Are you causing your own failures? Stop that!

What are you avoiding or procrastinating on in your business out of fear, a confidence crisis, or because you worry it won't be good enough - or that it will just flat out FAIL? Or maybe you have another reason for hesitating on your projects and goals... ➡️ Newsflash: you guarantee failure with "failure to […]

Free Training: Create Profitable Niche Courses

  This training is completely free, but you want to hurry and register... Here's the quicklink to register now or keep reading for more details. Online courses are one of the best ways to make money online. Why? Because: They can be extremely profitable. Some online instructors make millions a year sharing their expertise with […]

Where To Start Back When You’re Totally Off Track, Stuck or Overwhelmed

Maybe you feel stuck & unsure what to do first, or how to prioritize your tasks so you can reach your goals. Maybe you're not sure where to start - or you got derailed somewhere along the way, and now you're not sure where to start back...

Weekly Accountability Checklist

Are you holding yourself accountable to your biggest goals and highest priorities? Here is a great copy & paste list/worksheet you can use with accountability partners or in your weekly brainstorming to help you grow & improve your business consistently...

Big Ambitious Goals Worksheet (Copy & Paste)

Use this Goals Worksheet to outline Your Top 3 Priorities and your Action Plan for achieving those goals. Each of your three goals should be very specific, easily measurable and include a deadline...

Monday Motivation: GOYA!

Did you kick off Q2 with a bang and hit your goals HARD? Or are you still doing the same thing, with the same results, and realizing you're not getting ANY closer to reaching your goals? (that would be the most common answer...)

Endless Task List? What To Do First… When You Don’t Know What To Do Next

How do you figure out what you should do FIRST when your mind is spinning with a million ideas about what to do NEXT? Here's how I prioritize my tasks, what I do when I get overwhelmed, and a typical week in my online business...

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