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Info Products, or ebooks, have been a hot topic in Internet Marketing for several years now... If you havent been creating and selling them, you have likely been buying them. At the very least, you have promoted them as an affiliate. There is no doubt that there is A LOT of money to be made online in Information Marketing.

The recent report titled $7 secrets (note: do NOT order it) that spread through Internet Marketing circles like wildfire, changed Information Marketing for good though. The days of [easy sales on] $47 and $97 ebooks sold through ClickBank are slowly phasing out.

Just last night I was looking at an Info Product that I would like to read. It was an ebook priced at $47 and sold through ClickBank. Interestingly the ebook was on a current topic, Web 2.0 and Social Networking etc, yet it was being sold "old school" style...

I decided to pass on the buy. There was no contact information on the site and the domain was under private registration. I didnt know the author personally, so I was hoping to at least find a bio or a blog on Google under a search for the authors name. No luck. I had no way to contact them, and I couldnt find any information about this person online at all.

I took note of my mental response: I had come to expect more. The "web page" no longer makes the sales online. It's the author. The sales copy can only do so much. Visitors want to actually know the information publisher, and even "taste-test" the content.

It occurred to me that I would have ordered this particular book if it was only $7. Does 40 bucks really make the difference between an impulse buy and reconsidering? Sure it does.

It also occurred to me that I probably would have paid $47 for this ebook if I had known and followed the author for even a short amount of time. Perhaps I had read a report he wrote recently, was subscribed to his newsletter or was a regular reader of his blog. Then I would have likely been "pre-sold" by association...

Here's a wake-up call: Internet Marketing is changing dramatically right now, in case you havent noticed. Visitor expectation has risen, and the responsibility of an Internet Marketer has to rise to meet that expectation. Marketers have been talking about Networking and Relationship Marketing for years now... but it is all finally coming to a head.

You have to "be somebody" or you have to provide something of exceptional value to succeed as an Information Publisher. By that I mean a blogger, author or content site owner. And that is just what the $7 Secrets report addressed in its recent splash on the web...

Dont let that intimidate you, though - becoming 'somebody' is as easy as that report is cheap. In fact, I had never heard of Jonathan Leger (author of $7 Secrets) until he released that report... but he quickly became someone that I listen to, and I open every email he sends the minute it arrives in my Inbox.

How did Jonathan Leger go from "nobody" to "somebody" in his niche overnight? He used the exact strategy that he taught in his own report...

Now Jonathan is not new on the scene by any means. While he just started his blog in August 2006 (a few short months ago), you can find him firmly embedded in Google search results under his own name. His blog too, while relatively new, is chock full of exceptional content. But even without those 'assets', Jonathan's report would have undoubtedly been a huge success, simply due to the strategy used. In fact, he covers that in his latest report, the sequel to $7 secrets.

Jonathan reports that he earned just under $25,000 on the $7 Secrets project (again, dont buy). If you are familiar with the report, then you already know that he offered 100% commission to his affiliates. Each person that recommended the report, or sent traffic to the site, earned the full $7 on each sale.

That may leave you scratching your head, wondering how he earned over $24k when the majority of sales were obviously made by his affiliates - who earned the full sale price. Of course, it's all covered in the report.

And what makes this report so incredibly valuable to its ideal reader is that it serves as a perfect example of the concept it is teaching. (Yet, I'm still encouraging you not to order it if you havent already - and I'll tell you why in a minute...)

The $7 method works, and it works well even though I can understand how it might be hard to wrap your mind around earning a substantial profit when you are giving away 100% of the sale price to your affiliates.

Its about building a quality responsive list, earning money on backend sales, gaining exposure and becoming an expert in your niche, etc. There's more to it than just creating an Info Product that you can make sales on.

It ONLY works though, if you write a quality report. The content needs to be exceptional, on target for your ideal reader, and a decent length - around 30 pages. And this can work in any niche - yes, even outside of Internet Marketing. In fact, people have been launching $7 Reports left and right under the instruction given in Jonathan's report, and in a wide variety of niches.

Jonathan has a website set up to feature these $7 Offers, categorized by niche.

The latest report is titled Write That Report! and is a follow-up to $7 Secrets. It is offered in the same manner - for only $7, and including 100% commission to affiliates.

In this report, Jonathan gives you the step-by-step method that he uses to easily create these reports that are allowing him (and his affiliates) to pocket large sums of cash. All pure profit, of course. What he doesnt tell you upfront is this:

As an unadvertised bonus to Write That Report!, Jonathan gives you a free copy of $7 Secrets. That's right, you can get them both for only $7 😉 Now you see why I encouraged you not to buy $7 Secrets if you havent already...

It's still a great deal of course, even if you already ordered a copy of $7 Secrets. I purchased them both myself, and 7 OR 14 bucks is still 'pocket change' for this kind of detailed information.

I ordered my copy last night, and read it over coffee this morning... and its GOOD. For starters, it served as a great motivator to get to work on my own report. Second, once again it served as a great example of how well the $7 method works - and proved that you can successfully follow up with sequential reports (keep in mind that by now Jonathan has built a substantial list of subscribers that have already bought from him at that price!).

And to top it off, the report literally contained the outline for successfully publishing and marketing your own report using this same method. It's a no-brainer if you follow Jonathan's outline, and it is the absolute easiest way to write a report or ebook that I have ever seen.

I also really liked the chapter on marketing your report, which discussed finding & contacting potential affiliates. He even shows you a method to use, even if you dont have your own mailing list in that niche yet.

Think about it. This Information Marketing tactic may blanket your niche soon. Do you want to be the one that wrote the report and built the monster list? Or do you want to be the one recommending the report - earning commissions of course - and helping that marketer firmly establish themselves in that niche? Write That Report!

Forget spending 6 months writing a 300 page Ebook and trying to sell it for $47+. Overdeliver doesnt mean Overwhelm.

Get Both Reports for only $7...


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  1. Great article about the $7 secrets script .Thank you very much for this article.

  2. Saqib Razzaq says:

    Never did anything else for $$$$ except blogging...And after reading this post, I'm feeling something under my skin which is pushing me to get this eBook..Thank you so much for your post.

  3. Hi Lynn,
    I haven't heard of $7 secrets, not sure if I have heard or read it somewhere, but it really sounds like the kind of books that I was introduced to when I was still a newbie. Thanks for the great write up and advise.


  4. Hi Lynn,

    New to your site. Looks real good, full of great info.

    The link above to get both of the $7 Report books is being redirected to an international dating site.

    Is there an updated link for that?


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