Monday Mission: Micro-Tasking & Focus!


Staying focused can be one of the hardest things to do when you work online. You know what you need to do, you have tons of ideas to work with, or several projects in the works, but there's a constant stream of distractions and endless ways to procrastinate... enticing you to jump from one thing to another all day, until you reach the end of the day with NOTHING on your priority task list actually DONE.

* Those things on your "priority task list" should all be business-building actions, or "money tasks" as I like to call them. πŸ˜‰

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Monday Mission:
Micro-Tasking (Single Task Focus!)


1. Know your objective and your priorities

When you know exactly what you want to accomplish, you can easily create a list of tasks to achieve that goal.

2. Choose one project to work on, and COMPLETE it.

You'll have multiple products, projects and ideas for your business at any given time. There are always a lot of moving parts and pieces to running an online business. Not sure where to start with it all? Pick ONE thing and knock it out! Then move on to the next.

3. Create an "Action Steps" list to complete that project or product.

TIP: break that list down into micro-tasks, in the order they need to be done, then start at the top and do ONE simple task at a time. Every single thing you mark off the list, even the smallest thing, will give you a sense of accomplishment and create momentum to help you power through the project!


Turn off all distractions, silence notifications, close browsers or programs you're not using for the task at hand, and FOCUS ON ONE THING all the way through to completion!

5. Work in Time Blocks

I find it helps most to create a schedule or routine of working in Time Blocks. This is especially useful if you're working on multiple projects, or juggling a variety of things in your growing business.

Set aside uninterrupted "focus time" for content creation, product creation, social media marketing, list building, learning, outreach/connecting/recruiting, etc.

6. Be your own BOSS

Are you doing a lot of personal stuff while you're on the clock? Are you making the company money, or costing the company time & money?

If YOU were your own boss (oh wait! you are!)... would you fire you, or promote you - and give you a big fat raise for being such an amazing asset to the business?

I would love to hear YOUR tricks for staying on task, and staying focused on your goals!

📌 Note: today is Single Tasking Day

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Happy Monday!

Here's to a super productive week, flying through your task list, one single micro-task at a time. 😎





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  1. Hi!

    Nice to see you 'back'.

    I know you are super-busy with your other commitments, but it's always lovely to see a new post on ClickNewz πŸ™‚

  2. Omg I love you and I miss you so much. This message , though obviously timeless, is so timely and perfect for me. I'm not even in Monday morning work mode at the moment. I'm in bed with a crescendo-happy migraine, but this notification sure cheered me the heck up and made me feel such a connection with life.

  3. My 'trick' for staying on task....well there are two. I made a dream board and look at it I have a post on that I also have a nice planner on my desk that I work from every day. I plan out the week in advance and have 3 weekly goals plus the dailies.

  4. Excellent post, Lynn! πŸ™‚

    I love microtasking. It helps me to have that sense of achievement you've mentioned in the post - as long as I don't lose sight of the big picture (which can happen sometimes).

    The other thing is doing tasks to a schedule. I was asked to do two workshop outlines on the day they were due. If I werent' given a deadline it would probably have taken me days of procrastination. But because it was something urgent, I finished them in under 2 hours. Now, the next step is setting and sticking to my own deadlines! πŸ˜‰

  5. This is exactly what I'm doing this week. I have a big project that I'm working on and in order to get it done by my goal deadline - I've created microtasks.

    Love this. Thanks for sharing these tips.


  6. Pleased to hear from you again. I have been following you for over 15 +years. Strange you sent this to me today as today is my 82nd birthday and want to start a new direction in life as it is. I am from WSP, MN God bless you in all you do in making a difference in people's lives. I have a statement that I try to follow: PROMISE WHAT YOU DELIVER AND DELIVER WHAT YOU PROMISE. NEVER QUIT. kEEP GOING FORWARD. Life is too short. We are all in this together!

  7. Nicholas LaVecchia, Jr. says

    Helpful information, as usual, from you. Your emails are always welcome. Best to you.

  8. Roy Harris says

    I've been following you a long time, and I have never seen anybody else share such great content. Glad to see your still online helping people.

  9. This is great advice, I always find whenever I'm overwhelmed by things I need to get done it's much easier to just break it down to one task at a time.

  10. Thanks for sharing this useful guide Lynn

  11. Hi Lynn. I'm back here reviewing some of your great content. Thanks for all you do!

  12. You'll have multiple products, projects and ideas for your business at any given time. There are always a lot of moving parts and pieces to running an online business. Not sure where to start with it all? Pick ONE thing and knock it out! Then move on to the next.

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