🤳 Smove Mobile: Your Virtual Cinematographer for Social Marketing 🔥


If you struggle to create decent marketing videos, or get frustrated with mobile livestreaming & video quality 🤳 you MUST check out Smove.

It's the TOP mobile gimbal / pro mobile stabilizer, and the ONLY one that does face-tracking (and even product tracking!) which allows you to create HIGH quality videos without expensive equipment or HOURS of learning.

With a Smove Mobile you can easily create your own livestreams, videos or even product demo videos that look like you have your own personal cinematographer.

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Watch this (and prepare to be IMPRESSED at what it does):

I just got mine so I can't wait to unbox it and start using it for demo videos and also for action shots on my fun adventures! ๐Ÿ™‚

I got the SmoveMobile instead of this smaller Smove. I was torn, but there's only about a $20 difference and I love the longer handle & built in tripod of the SM. I do love this smaller Smove (vs SmoveMobile) because it's SO compact.

They're both amazing gadgets, depending on whether you'll be using it mostly on the go (SmoveMobile) or mainly stationary (Smove).

If you'll mainly use it at home or in the office, or where you're working from flat surfaces like a desk or table, the Smove would be great for $20 less.


Watch the videos on the Smove Video website to learn more...
Discount code: lynnterry10


My favorite feature of the Smove is face tracking or product tracking. That means your phone will follow you (or an object) and take video or interval shots, so you can do smooth action video without having to worry about staying IN the frame the entire time. 💯

You simply set it to track your face or a specific object, and it will move your phone 360ยฐ to follow you or the object you're demonstrating. It doesn't just move horizontally but up, down and all around too - following you (or your object) seamlessly.

Video Face Tracking Smove Mobile

It's like having your own cameraperson or cinematographer!

Consider all the possibilities for capturing pro-level videos and photos of children, animals, time lapse nature shots, outdoor adventures, and of course shooting high quality product demonstration videos!

It comes with a mini tripod and fits on a regular tripod too, and also charges your phone while you're using it.

But mainly I got it for the "follow me" feature for live and recorded video on the go, and for product unboxing & demo videos that don't require me to sit still to stay in the frame.

Imagine how much more interactive and interesting your demo or training videos will be! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Smove Demo Videos

Have you seen the Smove in action yet?

It would also be great for speakers who want to capture their entire presentation on stage, even while moving across the stage. Or for demonstrating points with a whiteboard - with a lot more flexibility!

The options are truly endless...

It opens up a whole new world of creative options!

This is my referral link:

Smove Video
Coupon Code: lynnterry10


I would love to hear your thoughts...

And stay tuned for cool new videos & action shots from me!


p.s. Here's a quick video about ALL of the FUN but simple gadgets I use for mobile social marketing. 📲 I'm "gearing up" for the next FUN Livestreaming Challenge! 😉 Are you planning to join us?!

🔸 SmoveMobile & Smove (compact)
Discount code: lynnterry10

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