💡 6 Types of Content to Boost Your Social Media Engagement

This should be FUN - and they're all easy ways to see fast results. 🙂

My challenge to you for the week: Do each of these 6 easy content ideas to improve your traffic & social media engagement!

Alice Seba posed a question this week on Facebook in one of her groups about free vs paid content, or access to you. My answer to that was 1- it depends on your niche and business model (of course). And 2- The more content I create and the more accessible I am to my audience... the more money I make. 😉

If you want exposure, traffic & sales - creating content is the answer. Even if it's just on social media (quick & easy!) and even if you don't yet have anything to offer or sell (use affiliate links!).

It's just TOO EASY to be making sales online right now for you to NOT be doing it.

Maybe you don't believe ^ that, or you're not really sure YOU can easily make sales (or even make a living!) online. But maybe THAT alone is what keeps you from doing the things that will prove that you can. 😉

Also, check out my P.S. below to see what I'm reading today (and why)...

6 Types of Content to Boost Your Social Media Engagement

✅ Create visual content: a quote graphic, tip graphic, infographic, photo illustrating your topic, etc. * Canva is a great free resource with tons of free templates.

✅ Create a video. It could be a short video demonstrating a how-to, a tip video, something inspirational or motivational. Itt could be an "over the shoulder" look at your hands doing something or a product and how to use it. It could be an educational video made in Powerpoint or Keynote (slides) exported to video format. Lots of EASY ideas!

✅ Host a contest or giveaway 🎁

✅ Respond to DM's (Direct Messages) or follow up with someone that messaged you recently - check in to see how it worked out, or if that worked for them, etc.

✅ Create a Top Tips or How-To post on something very specific. Make it "actionable content" for your readers to experience a sense of achievement.

✅ Ask your audience questions! It encourages responses and interaction. Then respond to those questions and keep the discussion going. (Higher engagement = more social media reach on any platform!)

* Tip: Repurpose that Q&A into blog posts, a short report, a Facebook Live series - or all of the above. 😉

✅ Start an Idea Journal for content ideas as they come to you. If you already have one, revisit it this week: does it need to be organized or updated? Or pick an idea from your list and run with it!

* * * * *

More free ideas & resources for you to make the challenge above EASY and FUN...

📲 Social Media Content Ideas Generator - Grab the Free Brainstorming Tool at the end of this post. ✔️

5 Ways To Destroy Your Reputation on Social Media
Be sure to download the "Free Checklist: How To Build a 5-Star Social Media Reputation" while you're there! 😉

Get out there and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. 💪

Lynn Terry

p.s. Right now I'm reading Endless Instagram Traffic (Even If You Have No Followers) by Debbie Drum. While I'm doing GREAT with my niche Instagram account already, I'm always interested in learning new ways to improve my results - and always curious to see how & what other people are doing to get great results. 😉

Lynn Terry, ClickNewz - Work Hard, Make It Happen!

Brainstorming Hour Replay: Monday, October 22nd 2018

Creative Blogging Ideas

Brainstorming Hour Replay: Monday, October 22nd 2018


* Creative to use other people's content for ideas & inspiration for COOL projects - without stealing their content. 😉

* Creating EASY Content Upgrades to Build Your List

* It's not too late to sign up for the FREE course creation training. Yes, they'll have recordings/replays!

* Discussion: 32 Simple Tasks/Ideas To Get More Traffic & Sales

* TIP: the next best click... should never be the X or the back button!

* Go back through your blog posts and content pages and add/improve the call-to-action

* Discussion: "Do more of what's working and less of what's not." (Examples)

* Repurposing content you've already created into products and sales.

* How To Create Digital Products - Quickly & Easily

* Content inspiration from Pinterest + creative ways to use it!

* Easy Blog Content: Roundup Posts (Examples)

* Turning a single blog post or checklist into an interactive content series.


Lots of creative ideas! Enjoy 😉

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32 Ideas & Simple Tasks That Will Make You Money In ANY Niche


In Brainstorming Hour we’ve been discussing creative ways to increase Reach and Revenue, because those are the two MOST important things you can focus on when it comes to building your business - or even just making money online.

I sat down and came up with a quick list off the top of my head to give you some actionable ideas that will make you money in ANY niche.

Obviously you can use this list to make MORE money, to boost your established business with increased traffic & sales.

Consider it a running list to work from whenever you need a fresh idea or a quick boost. Just pick one and run with it! 🙂

I’ll be sharing detailed how-to information & ideas for each of the tasks/ideas on this list here on my blog at ClickNewz, so stay tuned!

We’ll also be discussing them in detail in the Weekly Marketing Challenge Group - with FUN mini challenges! - so be sure to join us there as well.

Ideas for Making Money Online and Increasing your Reach and Revenue Fast

Brainstorming Hour Replay: Thursday, October 18th 2018

Outside the Comfort Zone

Brainstorming Hour Replay: Thursday, October 18th 2018

Topics Discussed:

* Member Q&A, Brainstorming & Accountability

* Creating Your Niche Course - FREE: Teachable Live training event

* Tip: Forget the HOW and just focus on the WHAT

* Instagram Etiquette: Regramming (Sharing) Posts

* Niche Product Ideas Brainstorming:

* Creating Interactive / Actionable Products

* Mobile app: Positive Quotes

* Getting creative with HOW and WHERE you offer your products

* Income Sources: Have a good fallback!

* "It's AMAZING what happens outside the comfort zone."


Enjoy! 🙂

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Free Training: Create Profitable Niche Courses


This training is completely free, but you want to hurry and register...

Here's the quicklink to register now or keep reading for more details.

Create Niche Courses Online - Free Training Event

Online courses are one of the best ways to make money online. Why? Because:

  • They can be extremely profitable. Some online instructors make millions a year sharing their expertise with the world.
  • They provide passive income, which means you don’t have to trade hours for dollars.
  • They give you the immense satisfaction of helping people while teaching a topic you love.
  • They’re a great way to build authority & credibility, which you can leverage to grow your following and your business even further.

Online courses are HUGE right now. And according to Industry Forecasts, the demand for long-distance learning is growing fast (over 7% in the next decade). By the year 2025, online learning will be a $331 billion industry.

What does that mean?

CPC Push Notification Advertising: Megapu.sh

This post was sponsored by Megapu.sh - The first advertising Push notifications network.

Tons of people are making money online simply by running ads for affiliate programs and CPA campaigns across a variety of adverting platforms.

I did it myself heavily with Google Adwords back in 2003-2004, and not only is it fun - and only slightly addictive 😉 - it can be extremely profitable.

I had the opportunity to talk with a rep from Megapu.sh this week, and learn more about their CPC-model push notification advertising network...

This is what Push Notification ads look like on mobile devices:

Push Notification Advertising

What is a push notification exactly? It's native advertising (a teaser) which is delivered to the user's mobile device or desktop, which they opt-in to receive.

There are a variety of ways you can use it...

Product or List – Which Comes First?


There are so many creative niche products you can use to build an email list and to create great money-making funnels.

The big question is:

Should you have a product first - or an audience & list first?

It's a trick question actually with no correct answer.

Just like the chicken & egg debate. 😉

In my Brainstorming Hour session last night we discussed a variety of creative niche product ideas you can use to build your list and make money online, including: interactive products and physical products, product funnel ideas, and super easy list builders. If you're already a member you can click here to watch the replay.

Almost any product can be repurposed in a variety of ways, turned into both marketing content and higher end products, as just two examples.

You can turn an ebook into a workshop. You could turn a free report into a webinar or slideshow presentation, or even a video. Most software programs you use to create a digital product have a variety of export options!

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