Friday Feature: 7 Cool Things To Check Out!

I'm heading out for the weekend. This time just a short trip to Florida and back to meet-up with some friends at Willie Crawford's annual beach gathering at Okaloosa Island.

I've been checking out some cool stuff since I got home earlier this week, and sharing some of it on Facebook & Twitter, but I thought I'd share my favorite bookmarks & notes from the week with you here so they're all in one place...

There's some pretty cool stuff happening around the web this week!

1. Jimmy D. Brown just announced a brand new free email newsletter on traffic & conversions. Get it free at Traffic F.U.E.L. "Each issue of the Traffic Jam Newsletter gives you details on effective strategies for generating and/or converting website traffic." He has a new membership too, but Traffic Jam is free.

2. I secured us a killer coupon code from Phil Hollows! If you missed the special offer on last month, you can use our special discount code to get $10 off. Download it today for only $14.95 using coupon code "clicknewz" (without quotes). Thanks, Phil! See my review here

3. Free Membership Site Blueprint is now live by WishList Member - the easy to use membership solution that can turn any WordPress blog into a full-blown membership site. No matter what solution you use for creating membership sites, you'll want to download this free video & blueprint while it's still available!

The free Membership Site video & Blueprint/Worksheet will walk you step-by-step through the 7 elements of a successful membership site. The 20-page PDF worksheet is fill-in-the-blank simple. :-)

4. Free: Learn LinkedIn From the Experts This is by hubspot and does require an opt-in, but it's on my list to study while I'm traveling this weekend. My son has had great success with LinkedIn and I simply won't be out-done by a 19 year old. LOL. Download the 24-Page Practical Guide to Leveraging LinkedIn

5. 10 B2B Social Media Case Studies and Examples Great reading if you're interested in details and examples for creative inspiration in your own social media campaigns. And who isn't, right?? Read Here

6. Free Social Media Partners Search Engine Speaking of social media (above), if you have a business where you offer social media services, you'll want to get listed in the free directory at It's free to advertise your social media business, and free to find social media partners too!

7. Video: Three Golden Rules of Online Success The video is under 4 minutes, and is an interview with Jay Berkowitz (author of The Ten Golden Rules Of Online Marketing Workbook) . Click here to watch the video.

I decided to check out his book and found that it's on Amazon.

One of the more recent reviews got my interest:

"If you're interested in learning more about search engine optimization, link building, PR for web marketing, blogging, Facebook, Twitter and more - you want to give this book a try.

It's written in a very simple and user-friendly format - focusing on the story of Annie's Costumes. This costume retailer went from a small storefront shop to the largest online retailer for costumes.

It's quite a story when you consider it.

I found the book enlightening, and I liked the way the information was presented.

If you're a beginner in internet marketing, this book will assist you with "real-world" examples. If you're advanced, you'll still get a lot out of it by looking at it as a case study. Either way, there is real value here." -source

Definitely adding that to my list to check out. You know, for those warm summer nights when I just feel like curling up on the back deck with a good... Kindle.

Somehow that just doesn't have the right ring to it. 😛

Stay tuned though, because I'm going to be giving away a Kindle here soon to one lucky ClickNewz reader! You'll want to make sure you're subscribed by email so you don't miss that opportunity! There's a subscription form at the end of this post.

And just for fun, a goofy pic of my great dane Slim - completely crashed out on the back deck just outside my home office:

LOL -that's one tired dog. It's a good thing he's cute when he sleeps, because he doesn't do much more than that!

Have a great weekend... 😉


p.s. My next trip, for business at least, is to attend the Savvy Blogging Summit in Colorado Springs in mid-July. Registration closed on June 1st, but they've had a few cancellations which opened up some new spots.

If you're interested in joining us there, you'll want to book fast before those few spots fill up. Details are on my Facebook page at:

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  1. Graham Lutz says:

    You've got to love huge silly looking dogs! I've got an 85 lbs. Pit/American Bulldog that routinely finds herself in similar positions.

  2. You put above 7 Points. A lot for one normal day to Check out. I'll do this tomorrow when I'll be alone at home. Thanks for this.

    Nice weekend to you !

  3. This your dog is really crashed !! Totally ! But is sweet ! Thank you for Value info, too. I'm first time here on your site and I like it !


  4. I would definitely be interested in Traffic jam. Thanks for sharing

  5. Am checking out three of your features above, thanks for the heads up on them. Have a great weekend!

    p.s. Slim is too cute. Great pic!

  6. Thanks for sharing both the links and the great pic of Slim! Guess that's one way to get his teeth brushed - lol!

  7. Thanks lynn,

    These are all terrific!

    However, what we really need to know is what you have been doing that has inspired so much productivity this last month or so! (or is it always like this)?


  8. Dennis Edell says:

    Bowing to the mistress of awesome free downloads!

    Btw Lynn, I assume you named him as a

  9. Lynn,

    You rock!!


  10. What the heck, love the book not the dog. :(

  11. Lynn,

    Once again you've generously shared some really "cool things" to check out. Some I'd heard of, others not. It's especially nice to have an endorsement on them from someone I know and trust. Thank you.

    Now about that D-O-G! What a ham. He sure knows how to relax.

  12. Eric from Call Centres says:

    Really cool! I liked it. Thanks.

  13. #7 is a really interesting video. I watched it and while I watched it, it impressed upon me how firms that use traditional marketing techniques really have a lot to learn. I know this from watching the marketing departments of various fortune 500 chemical companies that I have worked for over the past 10 years flounder pitifully.

    Great list, Lynn and great post as usual.

    Oh, and tell SLIM to wake up puppy dog...;)


  14. 7-good source of information but dog is too angry and hungry in the post.

  15. King_BgBng says:

    Thanks for the information leaves some cool ideas to look into. Wish more people were more like dogs. Loyal, happy, and a true friend.

  16. I've been struggling with trying to figure out Linkedin, so your #4 was timely for me. It's on my Kindle & will be read in a day or two. Thanks

    ~ Bruce

  17. I never wasted my time when I spend it reading this post. The information it has are very useful and very practical. I could really use it in my future businesses. I even invited one of my friend to read this and as what I’ve expected he has the same reaction as mine.

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