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This weekend is all about Traffic... With the blow-out sale on Traffic Secrets and the recent launch of Michael Cheney's Traffic Videos, people who are looking for a GOOD course in quality traffic generation will find themselves with a big decision on their hands.

John Reese is letting the last few copies of Traffic Secrets go for only $377 (which originally sold for $997). This is a physical product which includes video tutorials. At the same time, Michael Cheney has released his Traffic Videos, a virtual product or instant download, for only $97.

I am actually in the process of reviewing Michael's videos, and also his free traffic course. I jotted down a few notes while listening in to the free audio file (you can get it at that last link) and I'll share those with you here in a second. But first, a few general thoughts:

John Reese vs Michael Cheney

Both of these men have been marketing online for 10+ years. Both of them are obviously very successful with their online ventures, and know what they are talking about when it comes to generating profitable traffic to their websites. Both of them have successful product launches under their belt... and release high-quality professional products.

Should you order one of their courses... and if so, which one?

Here's a little quiz to help you determine whether you should consider taking a marketing/traffic course at all. Each of the questions have a simple Yes or No answer:

  • 1. Do you need more quality traffic and sales for your website?
  • 2. Could you use some creative ideas for driving targeted traffic to your site(s)?
  • 3. If you invested the money in a marketing/traffic course, would you also invest the time to go through that course and implement the strategies they teach?
  • 4. Have you already ordered 1 of these 2 products?
  • 5. Do you intend to earn enough money online this year to count the cost of the course as a business expense (ie tax deduction)?

Obviously if you had more Yes than No answers, your next decision is which course to invest in. But I cant tell you which of these two courses to order, because I have not personally reviewed Traffic Secrets and I have not yet completed my review on Michael's Traffic Videos. That said, here are some points to consider in your decision:

John's blow-out sale on Traffic Secrets is a limited time offer. The price on Michael's Traffic Videos is not - you have time to think on it. Traffic Secrets is almost $400 (still 60% off and a great deal) and Michael's Traffic Videos are under a hundred bucks. John's is a physical product, Michael's you have immediate access.

Both are HUGE courses, chock full of solid marketing tips and resources. Both are a great investment for your business, as is the time to implement those marketing strategies.

Personally I am leaning towards Michael's Traffic Videos. And I am saying that "pre-review" and trying to be objective, as if I havent been marketing online for almost a decade myself. Putting myself in your shoes though, I can see where "cheaper & faster" certainly appeal - for less than a hundred bucks you can be studying this course within minutes from now.

Of course, John Reese's course was well worth almost $1,000 to the people who purchased it during the original launch, and there are tons of positive testimonials on the web for Traffic Secrets. If you have followed John Reese at all, you may be more compelled to order his course and follow in his footsteps.

Here are the links for both so that you can check them out for yourself, and then I'll get back to that free audio by Michael Cheney titled "Your Traffic Questions Answered"...

Click Here for -> Traffic Secrets by John Reese
Click Here for -> Michael's Traffic Videos

"Your Traffic Questions Answered" - the audio

This audio file lasted almost half an hour, and I took detailed notes as I listened in. Following is the actual Intro and then the questions that Michael Cheney addressed:

Recently I put a survey out to my list, asking people what is the single most important question you would like answered about traffic. I received 870 responses. So what I’m going to do in this recording is answer the most common questions about traffic.

These are the questions that Michael chose to answer:

  • What combination of traffic methods will give me consistent traffic without the scare of losing it when the search engines change their strategies?
  • How do you get free/cheap, good quality traffic?
  • What is the very best way to get traffic to a brand new site, when you have no list yet?
  • How can I get traffic without a website?
  • How can I obtain traffic with NO effort and NO cost?
  • How do I know if the so-called interested party is genuine, or if they are just browsing on my site or time-wasting?
  • How can I maintain the level of traffic that I do get?
  • After putting in the effort to get all of this traffic to my site, how can I encourage them to come back again and again (ie become repeat visitors)?
  • What is the #1 thing you would advise a newbie to do who has no money to pay for traffic-building?
  • What is the single best way to get traffic into my website?
  • Once I get traffic into my site, how do I get them to buy?
  • What is your mindset when you think about creating traffic?

Obviously Michael doesnt give away all of his "secrets" in this one half-hour recording. But it was fun and interesting to listen in to nonetheless. It's free of course, just click on the CD Cover above and grab a copy of it at Michael's site along with the 40 page ebook he is giving away.

And check back - I'll post my full review of his Traffic Videos here at ClickNewz 😉


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  1. Looking for tips for increasing web traffic

  2. Feel free to post your questions here: Your Traffic Questions. I'll be answering each question individually!

  3. Hey Lynn, I went with John's package. I was just saying to my husband I wanted to take a course of some kind from home...and I would say traffic is our biggest issue at this point. I justified the expense by weighing the cost to go to a weekend conference...being pregnant and given our family situation, it is far more practical to stay home & learn. (Of course I see a huge value in going to those conferences, it's just not something I can do right now.) Plus, I like having concrete tools to work with as opposed to just a download...I've been having some serious problems with my main computer and have been very shy about downloading programs from the internet lately. I was a little disappointed with Michael's Adsense Videos, although I did receive a benefit from it. I've heard a lot more about John and that helped push me to go with his product. My biggest concern is how outdated some of the material might be...I look forward to it's arrival.

  4. That sounds like a great choice - and you are right about it being a good investment. I wouldnt worry too much about the methods being outdated, honestly. I am still using most of the same marketing strategies today that I was 2 years ago... just minor changes & additions along the way, but mostly through my own tracking and tweaking.

    I look forward to hearing what you think of Traffic Secrets!

    Lynn Terry

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