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When it comes to search marketing and keyword research, you're always looking for those 'trigger' words that will draw people into your site - or that you can develop a high-converting website around.

Are they looking to make a purchase online, or are they looking for free information? And if they are looking for free information, how can you capitalize on that? Etc...

Its helpful to plug some of those trigger words into a keyword research tool and see what people are looking to buy. For example, check out this list of 100 keyword phrases that shows the products that people are searching for online:

2716 volume license product key generator
2386 folica beauty products
1523 free product samples
1382 nailcare products
1268 beauty products
1144 hair care products
998 hair beauty products
991 promotional products
823 hgh products
818 product reviews
802 ultram product information
786 ultram product
761 what is ultram product
689 skin care products
682 pet products
675 baby products
663 product recalls
548 organic baby products
537 products
500 wholesale products
472 free products
469 outdoor products for fun
458 natural baby products
446 outdoor fun products
417 aromatherapy products
386 purity products
384 cleaning products
373 hayward pool products
372 bath and body products
356 spa products
354 product
350 lavender products
338 outdoor products 4 fun
310 hair products
303 eco baby products
303 self defense products
299 natural skincare products
298 skincare products for babies
292 air products
278 hvac products
273 as seen on tv products
273 ideal products
271 natural products
266 3m products
257 consumer product safety commission
252 avon products
252 mtd products
241 all natural products
241 coca cola products
238 antiaging skin care product
234 natural skin care products
232 dog products
225 product life cycle
222 herbal products
220 pest control products
218 windows xp product key
216 watkins products
209 consumer products
209 weight loss products
206 performance products
201 lg products
201 rubbermaid products
199 health products
197 graco baby products
195 green products
195 incontinence products
192 sell products online
190 antiaging products
190 aromatherapy bath product
188 office products
188 organic baby skin products
185 american products company
185 leather products
183 natural cleaning products
179 bullet resistant products
179 feng shui products
179 menards products
178 edge products
176 child safety products
172 product photography
171 patriotic products
167 bath products
167 gross domestic product
165 bath body and spa products
165 herbal nutritional products
164 lawson products
162 sebastian hair products
160 product design
160 swanson health products
158 dairy products
158 gluten free products
158 matrix hair products
156 free baby products
155 breast enhancement products
155 golf products
153 breast enhancement product
153 national product
153 neonatal care products
151 anti wrinkle skin care products
151 gnc products

These results were taken from WordTracker and the number to the left of each keyword phrase is the approximate search volume.

If you find a product in the list above that interests you, you can 'dig deeper' by searching that keyword phrase individually. Let's take "beauty products" for example. If you search that phrase, you get these more specific related phrases:

2386 folica beauty products
1268 beauty products
998 hair beauty products
148 discount beauty products
95 natural beauty products
93 beauty care products
72 organic beauty products
68 clarins beauty products
63 health and beauty products
61 blue cross beauty products
56 sally beauty products
54 wholesale beauty products
47 health and beauty products events nutrition natural shows
45 ahava beauty products
45 ht23030 beauty products
42 french beauty products
37 beauty products 2b consumer reports
37 free beauty products
37 olay beauty products
35 clinique beauty products
35 homemade beauty products
33 bliss beauty products
33 free weight loss products amp beauty
31 davidson beauty products
31 helen rubenstein27s beauty products
31 philosophy beauty products
29 health and beauty products news
29 health risks of cosmetics and other beauty products by brand
29 natural health and beauty products
28 avon beauty products
28 boots online health beauty perfume and wellbeing products
28 dhc beauty products
28 health beauty products mail order
28 professional beauty products
28 shahnaz hussain beauty products
28 venus beauty products
26 all natural health and beauty products
26 beauty health care products
26 beauty products wholesale
26 beauty salon products
26 best of beauty products
26 fainlise natural beauty products
26 free samples of beauty products
26 health and beauty products with guaranteed quick results
26 lather beauty products
26 most popular mens health and beauty products
26 natural anti aging beauty products
26 natural health beauty products
26 new beauty products
26 pure brand health beauty products
26 rusk beauty products
26 sacramento beauty products
26 swedish beauty tanning products
24 advanced beauty products
24 african american beauty products
24 beauty and health products
24 beauty products made in greece
24 beauty products on line
24 cosmetics online sell beauty products
24 cosmetics organic free health beauty products
24 estee lauder beauty products
24 free weight loss products beauty
24 hartley int92l nail 26 beauty products
24 health and beauty products alternative
24 home made beauty products
24 joico beauty supplies hair products
24 make your own beauty products
24 mary kay beauty products
24 products beauty
24 retail wholesalers for health and beauty products
24 salon beauty products
24 skin care beauty products treatments
24 top beauty products
24 unscented health beauty products
22 asian beauty products
22 beauty control products
22 beauty products sacramento
22 best beauty products
22 black beauty products
22 blue cross beauty products inc
22 designer beauty products
22 dessert beauty products
22 discounted beauty products
22 handmade beauty products uk
22 health and beauty products online
22 iman beauty products
22 kms beauty products
22 liz earle beauty products
22 make beauty products
22 natural homemade beauty products
22 obey beauty products
22 package design health and beauty products
22 products book skin care books health beauty oily teen
22 skin care beauty products
22 vermont health and beauty products
22 wholesale beauty products distributor
22 wholesalers texas health beauty products
21 alterna beauty products
21 anti wrinkle natural beauty products
21 beauty products for sale

And the domain name - - is available!

So is ...

So now you have a keyword-rich domain name that includes an action word πŸ˜‰

Obviously those domain names wont be available for long with this post floating around, but I do hope that gives you some ideas for coming up with new niche websites to create, or keywords to market your current niche websites.

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  1. Thanks Lynn. What a good idea. I was wondering how I was going to get the stats I needed. I knew there had to be a lot of hits for American made products. Now I know there is! Thanks again

  2. WordTracker is a very handy little tool πŸ˜‰

  3. What would we do without WordTracker? I know I use a lot of those "action words" in page names and as keyword terms, and the traffic always converts well. Of course the "free" terms are always easier to rank well, because they aren't so easy to turn into money. That's my biggest problem right now, which I'm seriously trying to solve.

  4. The top internet company earn good cash says:

    Lurking around as usual and I love this piece. I won't joke with this kind of idea bothering on keywords because I am not an expert but gradualy progressing in it.

    Now I've grabbed one or two ideas about creating a keyword rich domain. Something I really want to do.

    Thanks for the head up...LYNN πŸ™‚

  5. Hi LYNN,

    Thanks for list. I know it would us help so much if we could own keyword research tools such as wordtracker or seo tools such as seoelite. If we serious in our biz that two tools are very good investment. I hope when i have enough money i will buy those tools but for the being i need to use a lot of effort on my part to get the info i need. so thanks again. i also has join your forum.

  6. Yes, I recognize you from the forum - welcome to ClickNewz πŸ˜€

    WordTracker has a free tool which I use daily:


  7. Good series you have going here! (as usual) It's always good to involve encouragement with information, which you do so well.
    Couple other free KW Tools that might help some others. First of all go to Google and use the one associated with your adwords account. Don't have one? Why not? It's free to sign up too. I haven't spent any money in mine in over 3 years and it's still there to use....
    Nice thing about it is that it will give you some synonyms to consider as well, from their results. Couple other nice features you will see there and get a chance to explore.
    Then take those and your initial KW to SEOBook URL is-

    And run them thru there to give you the search numbers. Or of course Wordtracker.
    And just as Lynn did, drill down into the field/area of interest to find your fav niche.
    Keep up the good work!
    My very best,

  8. Amazing, you wrote this article about a year ago and GetBeautyProductsOnline is till available.

  9. Interesting - I wonder if someone grabbed it quick and then let it expire after the first year, or it was just never registered at all. Its such a good domain name - action word + ecommerce intent. And after hearing Dan Thies speak on "intent" at the recent StomperNet event... its even more appealing!

  10. James Holmes says:

    Lynn - What a great help for anyone wanting to create a niche info product, niche site, or searching for affiliate programs to promote. Look for a niche wear there is market demand. I will book mark this one and I am sure return to it again and again. Great value!

  11. Gluten Free Recipes Houston says:

    I often use the free Word Tracker tool. It's very helpful, but I would like to someday get the paid version.

  12. Great tutorial, i bookmark this page, very nice ideas, thanks for sharing!
    I'm planning to start flipping websites and it is hard to find a good domain name.

  13. james samy

    Hi Lynn, thank you for sharing your knowledge on online marketing. Your article is simple and right on Target. I was lost once and back now reading. I am going to focus on simple method here and be back again into your elite forum to unlearn n learn. Thank you Lynn

  14. Lynn,
    I'm looking at starting my own affiliate website and to be honest... I'm scared,confused(after 2 weeks of research), frustrated and exasperated!!
    Finding your website was like a cool breeze on a hot humid day! I've blown hundreds of dollars already trying to find help,quick website builds to find out I was scammed..your information is honest and upfront and its what I want to be with my customers.

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