Simple Trick To Create Content Faster

Creative Content CreationYou're probably familiar with my personal rule to "create at least as much content as you consume."

Or maybe not. πŸ™‚

That one usually shocks people, lol - but it's how I manage to put out so much content in so many different places online, consistently.

I'll share a simple trick with you, along with live examples, to help you create content faster & easier than ever...

Here it is:

Work with what's right in front of you, at any given time.

It really is THAT simple.

I'll show you what I mean, using examples from content I created already this morning. πŸ˜‰


I started my day by logging into my WordPress Dashboard, with a nice hot cup of coffee in hand. I wasn't sure yet what I'd blog about, but I have hundreds of drafts saved in WordPress.

That's a great tip for you too: When you get a content idea, draft it right in WordPress. If you're on the go you can use the WordPress app on your mobile or tablet. That way when you sit down to blog, you already have tons of ideas to work with!

Anyway, I logged in to my dashboard, and this was the first thing I saw:

Content Inspiration

That quote caught my attention. I looked it up, then switched over to Google Images for a quote graphic I could use, and posted this on my Facebook Page - linking to an archived post of mine on the same topic.

"Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective."The best solution when you feel blocked or...

Posted by Lynn Terry on Friday, April 1, 2016


Quick & easy! πŸ™‚ I did have to do a Google search to find my post on that topic, which took another second or two - but seriously, that was a super quick content update that was inspired by what was right in front of me.


Next, I checked Days of the Year, which is a website with a calendar of all of the weird, interesting observances for every month and every day. It's a great free resource for creating your social media & blog content calendar!

I discovered today was "sourdough bread day" and sent to see if my favorite low carb bread company also makes sourdough bread. It turns out they do! πŸ™‚

I made some social updates about it, then decided to write a blog post about it too - which you can see here. I have a Blog Broadcast set up through Aweber, so that post also goes out to my email lists.

To give you another quick live example, I was checking my email one morning and found some great arm exercises from Fabletics. While I was reading that article, I also shared it on my Facebook Page real quick - along with my referral link to Fabletics. πŸ™‚

I <3 Fabletics πŸ™‚ As you know, I'm focused on toning my arms & core this year. They have some very simple exercises for...

Posted by Low Carb Traveler (Lynn) on Monday, March 28, 2016


A day or two later, I embedded that Facebook Post into my blog post, so my blog readers would see it too. The great thing about embedding Facebook Posts into your blog (just like I did above) is that it gives your Facebook Page even more exposure. πŸ˜‰

Again, that's just from one email I opened, clicked on the link, and read the article. And it turned into social content AND blog content. EASY.

These are very simple examples, but that's exactly what I do: keep it simple!

I use whatever is crossing my screen at any given moment to turn around and create content out of it - whether it's social media content, a blog post, or something I email to my subscribers.

And then there's this post, yes - the one you're reading right now!

As I was reviewing the content I posted earlier this morning, and deciding what to blog about here on ClickNewz, I simply used what was in front of me already - sharing with you what I'm doing today. So it comes back around full circle! πŸ™‚

I could give you hundreds of live examples just like those I shared with you above, but hopefully that gives you the spark you need to start creating more content - more easily. Just consider everything that crosses your screen: everything you read, watch, buy, click on, think about, etc. It's all potential content!

This is what it means to "create at least as much content as you consume." If you read a blog post, write one. If you read a tweet, tweet something. Often it's just easiest to use the content you DO consume to turn around and create content. πŸ™‚

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  1. This is such a timely post for me. Right after our Brainstorming meeting yesterday, I got a text from my daughter asking me to make a wedding cake for a family wedding (just announced the day before) on Saturday. I agreed to do it, after qualifying the fact that I have NEVER made one before. This immediately put all my plans on hold. BUT, I am not going to let it be a "fail"....I, too, am going to use my social media outlets (Facebook and Instagram) to share it as I go, starting with a graphic I put out on Instagram last night. Next week I will blog about it.

    Although it is not ideal (as it did derail my plans) it will work. And it will be fun to add to "my resume" wedding cake baker. πŸ˜‰

    And I LOVE Days Of The Year for ideas!

    • That's ideal for your blog & social stream, Sherry! Kudos for thinking to create content out of something that just popped up on your schedule. πŸ˜‰ That's the key!

  2. Creating content "on the spot" has been such a challenge for me lately, so your tips couldn't have come at a better time πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for sharing the live examples with us- this will truly take the guessw0rk - and a lot of the angst- out of blogging for me.

    ps.- your portrait came out beautiful!

  3. Anurag Mishra says

    Just Fabulous! In a brief you have summoned every aspect, what needed to create content faster. I stumbled upon your blog from another blog and found out this content.

    As a blogger, I understand that writing good content fast is really not easy. You need so many ideas and also, you need to understand the behavioural factor of a search engine. But, the way to predict the good content in a right time is what this article tells us.

    I also learn one thing more in my blogging career, that you should keep reading as much as you can in your niche. It will never let you out of the blogging ideas and at the same time while doing a research you start writing, you can write fast.


  4. I agree that you should always be reading and learning. But I find creating good content CAN be fast and easy. πŸ™‚ It's more about knowing your audience than knowing search engine algorithms or any other tech. A little common sense goes a long way - on how social platforms are meant to be used, and used by your audience. The more you cater to your audience, the more the search engines will reward you anyway. πŸ˜‰

  5. Thank you, Lynn, this is something I struggle with. I'm behind on publishing posts on a blog that is really important to me because I'm busy "consuming content" and working on a new niche site.

    Your tip is a perfect fit for me!

    ...I'm off to write about it!

    • Excellent, Ree - I'm so glad you found it helpful. πŸ™‚ I find content inspiration everywhere! If I'm watching TV or commercials even, or organizing my photos. Often just being mindful of exactly what is in front of you will result in a constant stream of ideas for content! Especially if you ARE your target market. πŸ˜‰

  6. Gary Ogden says

    Thanks Lynn. I don't struggle creating content but what I am struggling with is the old one.... "How do I create a list"!!!!!??????!!!!!!! Everyone has a list but me!

  7. Raffy Theiss says

    One thing I realise while reading your post that is I shouldn't limit myself in creating content base on my niche. When I can create new content from my old resources. Thanks Lynn for giving me an idea.

  8. Something that I've found helps me is actually just opening a Google doc on my phone, turning on the microphone, and then just rambling anything and everything that comes to mind about the subject I'm trying to write on. Then, I'll open up that same doc on my computer and just copy and paste and edit the best parts.

  9. Just read this post today. Trying to do what's in the article - so I'm really behind on reading other people
    This has always been a challenge for me, as I love being a learner. Now to just share what I've learned with others

  10. "Work with what's right in front of you, at any given time"

    I think this is very good advice and so simple. I often spend hours searching for the 'best' things to write about and there's no need.

    Why do we always try and overcomplicate everything we do? I'm the worst for that, thinking about it, it's probably one of my worst problems. Kind of ties in with being a perfectionist I think. Thanks for the eye opener!!

  11. Love it, the concept here and the examples are just so brilliant yet simple, Lynn!!! Thanks.

  12. Linda Todd says

    Again, you are the brightest person I know!!!! Ha! Besides me!!! LOL We have to see ourselves in a good light! Right? You know I am kidding about the latter. You have such great ideas and know how to put them into action.

    I have the The Building Your Audience already.

    Thank y ou

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