Fill-in-the-Blank Templates To Make Sales

I've been working with a new interactive sales copy creating software that was released last week, and having SO much fun with it! πŸ™‚

It's called Script Engage 2.0 and it's still on sale (and even cheaper with coupon code: 5offscript).

I've mentioned before that I despise writing sales copy or promotional material, and it's definitely NOT my strong suit.

I have invested in some great copywriting courses over the years though, and slug through it when I need to create sales pages or landing pages.

Still, there are just so many pieces and parts to a GOOD launch or promotion that it gets seriously overwhelming. From the pre-launch series to the sales copy to the funnel to the follow-up, not to mention the JV page and emails to recruit your affiliates, etc etc etc. GEEZ πŸ™„

THIS is why I'm in love with the Script Engage software!

Let me SHOW you what I mean...

I'm working on the big "official launch" of my Super Affiliate Training this month, which was quietly pre-released to a (very happy!) select audience recently.

I should have it all done in time for "Super Sunday" this weekend, but I'm also coordinating it with my 20 year business anniversary this month.

Anyway, in the most perfect timing... the Script Engage copywriting software was JUST released, and happened to cross my screen. Thankfully!

Check this out...

It does so much more than I even realized it would. πŸ™‚

In addition to the actual sales copy, below are the various types of email promotions it can create for you. The "Product Launch 4 Part Email Series" actually has EIGHT emails, 4 for the pre-launch and 4 for the actual launch/sales:

All you have to do is edit them to your liking, then save the templates right there in the software. You can then access any of your saved copywriting templates - and copy and paste the emails into your Aweber account to queue up.

This is really cool too: It creates copy for your promotional webinars!

It even creates webinar & video scripts for you to use. πŸ™‚

Ahh, PLUS your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Pages - already customized!

There's even a whole section to create your JV Page to recruit affiliates and JV partners, including the copy for the invite emails and follow-up emails.


What you do is follow a step-by-step fill-in-the-blank series and simply put in all the information about your market, your offer or product, and your unique bits - your story, your own words / phrases.

The software ties all of that together, using your own words, and gives you templates for all of your promotional needs. All you have to do is customize them to your liking, then copy & paste them where you want to use them - or export them to Google Docs for your team to do their magic. Simple! πŸ™‚

Here's a video demo I did of the software for my members this week:

Go to: Script Engage 2.0 & use Coupon Code: 5offscript

I'll have some before & after examples to show you soon, but I'm afraid I won't get everything up and in place before the price goes up on Script Engage - and you miss out on the low price, and the one-time payment. I'd hate for you to have to pay by the month for it. πŸ˜› Although it would still be worth it...

What does it do?

It creates highly customized, interactive, detailed unique sales copy and promotions for ANYTHING you want to promote or sell online - in any niche and in any way (social media, webinars, sales pages, you name it).

I really LOVE having a step-by-step process to just fill in the details, then customize all the copy and promotional pieces... because trying to create all of that from scratch (and even knowing WHAT you need to create, and where to start!) is just entirely too daunting. This software takes the "overwhelm" out of the process. I love it!

For now, you can see my original pre-launch sales page for the Super Affiliate Training I'm releasing this month. I'm really excited about this product, because it shares all of my TOP affiliate marketing strategies - in great detail. πŸ™‚

If you don't have my Super Affiliate Training yet, now is a great time to grab that - too. You can still get it for just $29, which is $70 off the public price.;)


p.s. I can't recommend this copywriting software highly enough. If you are planning to sell ANYTHING online this year, this super cheap investment will pay for itself over and over (and over again!)...

Go to: Script Engage 2.0 and use Coupon Code: 5offscript

After you order Script Engage at the link above, you should also get this Successful Product Launch Checklist. I'm using it myself as well, and those two things combined will have you SET for doing awesome product sales this year! You have NO excuses now. πŸ™‚ There are even Done-For-You Products you can sell if you don't want to create your own!

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  1. Michelle Williams says

    Hi, Lynn, thanks for the info. Do you know when this special ends? I checked the website and the deadline timer clock boxes disappeared when I approached them. Thank you. Michelle W.

    • Hi Michelle! I am honestly not sure, but from what I have heard it is going up to $67/month instead of just $42 once (no recurring payments) like you can get today with the coupon code I shared. They haven't said WHEN, so it could be anytime I guess... The official launch ended on Monday at midnight eastern which is why the timer disappeared. I'm just glad it's still cheap at the moment!

  2. Thanks for this Lynn. It looks like a great piece of sftware and as you say, the price is unbeatable. Looking forward to using it and making more sales. πŸ™‚

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