2018 Content Marketing & Conversions Challenge Starts Tuesday – Join us!


Need More Structure & Accountability To Succeed Online?

You'll definitely want to check out the 2018 Content Marketing & Conversions Challenge - while there are still spots open, and before it starts on Tuesday. 😉


Content Marketing ChallengeIf you're struggling to stay consistent with content creation, or want to see better (much faster!) results from your content marketing efforts... you'll LOVE the brand new challenge that starts Tuesday.

This Content Marketing Challenge is a unique chance to work with Alice Seba personally and directly - which I can't say I've EVER seen her do before.

She said, "you'll be working directly with me the whole time... it's a highly personalized opportunity to develop great new habits and stay accountable to your success."

It starts with a 3-day training program with Alice that will take you through creating your Content Creation & Marketing Plan, followed by a 30-day interactive challenge that will hold you accountable to that plan - with personal help.

I love watching Alice work. We've traveled & roomed together several times, and she was just here at my house last month for a weekend visit. So I can tell you firsthand: She's a MACHINE at it, and she does everything the EASY way!

This is a great opportunity to watch over her shoulder and learn her strategies firsthand in a private and highly personalized/interactive group. 😉


The structure & accountability factors alone could be just what you need to finally start making money online consistently...


Maybe you would like to:

  • FINALLY use all the PLR you've been collecting on your hard drive
  • Figure out how to have a team regularly publishing content for you (even for FREE)
  • Easily get more subscribers & sales and build a loyal, buying audience
  • Get more referrals & exposure for your business… without even having to ask for it
  • Establish yourself as an authority and a go-to person in your niche
  • Have your audience EXCITED to buy from you, instead of feeling like you're "selling" all the time - with dismal results.


If you said YES to any of those things, you should definitely participate in this training & challenge event! Check out the details real quick:

2018 Content Marketing & Conversions Challenge

This "In Depth Content Marketing Results Training & Challenge" kicks off Tuesday and there there are limited spots, so you'll want to check it out pretty quick.

It includes 3 Days of detailed training to help you strategically plan your content with results in mind - plus everything you need to get that plan in motion and working for you! See the outline for the 3 training sessions here.


You'll also get these tools Alice uses herself:

  • Monthly Strategic Content Marketing Plan Workbook
  • Daily Content Results Planner
  • Weekly Content Marketer's Results Journal

The training sessions are followed by a 30-Day Content Challenge for hands-on help and accountability so you can easily implement what you learn from Alice, and get on a good roll using the tools & techniques she gives you.

Content Marketing Planner

You've probably seen Alice and I both build our successful businesses on great content over the years, along with plenty of other people who are doing VERY WELL online...

What's stopping you from doing the same for yourself? 😉

If it's TIME for you to TAKE ACTION and see REAL results...
Click here and get registered!


p.s. The chance to learn and work directly from Alice Seba is a sweet enough deal, but you also have the option to use the training as your own... because she's offering private label rights too. Here's what's included in the PLR Package (on top of the training you'll get):

* All the training recordings
* The complete transcripts
* Full session notes
* Monthly content planner
* Daily content planner
* Results journal
* Daily challenge notes
* Sales page to promote the challenge
* A variety of professionally designed product graphics

This means you'll be able to run this same challenge with your own clients and customers and help THEM get results!

Content Marketing Challenge with Alice Seba


p.p.s. Alice Seba and I have been friends for years, and I have the highest respect and admiration for how she runs her business.

This is my referral link to Join the Content Marketing Challenge so she just might kiss me again if you join in (er, probably not lol), but at the very least she'll give me a commission for referring you to her FUN new challenge. 😉 *cheers*

Alice Seba and Lynn Terry

Join in this week for an in-depth 3 Day training program to create a Content Creation & Marketing Plan (that gets RESULTS!), followed by a 30-day interactive challenge that will hold you accountable to that plan - with personal help.


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  1. Can't have fun right now. In the process of escaping California and moving to Idaho.

  2. William Landrath says

    Sorry Lynn, I cannot participate at this time due to time constraints and security programs I'm working with. Thanks for what you do,
    Have a successful endeavor !

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