My Review of the StomperNet Order Process

I sat down tonight to submit my request for StomperNet's special offer, and I decided to turn on the video camera and let you watch over my shoulder through the order process.

There has been a lot of rumbling across the 'net about the backend offers and the order process in general, so if you havent walked through it yourself yet you'll get to see it first hand in my video.

Frankly, I dont get it. All the griping, that is. It was a simple process, and there were some great offers presented. What you'll see in this video is my very first walk-through of the order process, so you get to watch me make my decisions on the fly...

If you havent yet requested your free copy of Stomping the Search Engines 2.0, the premier edition of The Net Effect (and all 12 customer bonuses), you can click here to do that. Any 'purchases' are optional of course. Just make sure you take them up on the special offer for free products before the end of the weekend! This offer gets pulled on Monday.

If you have placed your order, and it didnt go as smoothly as mine did in the video above, then you'll want to resubmit it. If you did not receive a confirmation email immediately, your order did not get processed. You should have ended up on a confirmation page just like this one:

The support team says that if you landed on a blank page instead, and did not receive confirmation emails, you'll need to resubmit your order to ensure you receive your package. Any accidental duplicate orders will be handled ASAP.

Several people have commented that they regret not taking advantage of the special offers that were presented in the checkout process. In the excitement of the release, a lot of people took them up on the free offer only and whizzed through the remaining screens.

Good news! Sometime in the next couple of days we are going to have opportunity to update our orders - so if you were one of those people, you'll get a chance to take a second look at your options before the deal ends on Monday.

Yes, I already have review copies.

Obviously I already have a copy of Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 and The Net Effect. However, my copy of The Net Effect is a press copy, for the purpose of review. As I mentioned in the video, I want a copy with the official cover which includes a photo of the entire StomperNet team. I also wanted to subscribe to the "DVD of the month" and shop the other products offered at deeply discounted prices.

I bought those products for myself after having experienced top quality information at their live events, but also for the purpose of review. Each of those products are going to be made available publicly in the near future (at regular retail prices, of course). I wanted to have an opportunity to review each of them in advance, and decide whether I will promote them when they are released.

When doing a product review, or recommending a product as an affiliate, its also important to review the order process. Walking through the checkout, analyzing the follow-up, and getting a good feel for how quick the product ships and such - these are all important details for a true review.

In case you're wondering, I had a reason for waiting so late to order my own package. Well, besides the fact that I'm the queen of procrastination 🙂 .

I was simply deciding which of the products I wanted to order for myself from their bonus offers section, and also knew there was no major rush so I waited until the cart stabilized. As you saw in the video above, everything was working smooth - I was able to order without a hitch!

I'm not sure what time their free offer, along with the 12 bonuses, will end on Monday, so if you are a procrastinator like me (or were simply on the fence about this offer) my advice is to get your request in sometime over the weekend if you havent already 😉


p.s. Click Here to Order Oh wait, wrong product release 😳 lol (a joke!)

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  1. Harry Adams says

    Stompernet's billing process is an out right scam... they've been billing me (debiting my Visa) for over a year for a services I never ordered...even after I "Finally" got one of their customer services reps on the phone to cancel this gross error on their behalf.

    Good Luck getting one of their Customer Reps on the phone. Visa is investigating them on my behalf now.

    They are still billing me ! Incredible ...
    Buyer beware ! Nothing can change that fact.

    • Robert Nelson says

      Cancel the card and request a new card. Better yet go to Master card and get a card.Or for that matter an American Express card.

  2. Lynne I fully understand how PR works, it is useless in rankings as it does not take relevance into account!

    Stompernet are crooks and you endorse them so I think you should be ashamed. Are you still one of their top 20 VP's I wonder????

  3. Whoa John, I think you're out of line there.

    If you read the comments on this blog, you'll find that Lynn has gone way past what ANY other IMer would have done to get her referrals sorted out.

    Stompernet's customer support (or lack of) stinks, and they have earned themselves a reputation as dishonest, but that's not Lynn's fault. She promoted STSE in good faith, and got a boat load of trouble for it. She has put in immense amounts of efforts to get sorted, and has NOTHING to be ashamed of.

    As one who is STILL trying to get my order sorted out, I know how much effort Lynn has put in for me, and I know other people have had the same. Don't blame her for Stompernet's dishonest and disgusting behaviour.

  4. She is still selling the program with a full understanding of the problems. I have principals and would not be doing the same! You cannot make money selling a product that you know to be second rate and expect respect.

  5. Robert Nelson says

    That's right John kill the messenger and not the message. Lynn has gone out of her way to help ANYBODY who she knows has a problem.

    Where is your evidence that she is a member of and activity supporting StomperNet?

    I agree that StomperNet sucks and probably better avoided. But Lynn isn't your only avenue for recourse for this problem. Expend as much effort trying to actually resolve it as you are in slinging mud. Get a Life in other words

  6. Read the thread buddy and you will see that she has explained that she is one of their top 20 jv partners so not really sure what you mean.

    So if a store sells blood diamonds we shouldnt blame the poor shop keeper if they write a letter condeming their suppliers.

    She made money selling the product and still is so you will forgive me questioning this!

  7. Robert Nelson says

    Since this seems to be turning into a "Flame" I will let Lynn speak for herself. Not your "buddy" signing off

  8. thanks buddy!

  9. Richard Holland says

    You can get support for Stompernet's products here...

  10. Stompernet Issues says

    You mean you can attempt to get support or customer service...both of which are as useless as that Stomperner peddles for outrageous amounts of money.

  11. Lost patience with Stompernet says

    I really wished that would never happen, but it did. I lost patience with Stompernet support, ignorance, marking my tickets as SPAM. Simply crazy. Was billed for subscribtion to TNE digital, did't get credentials for access. WTF!!!

    TNE is indeed good, but i expect it when i am billed at least!

  12. Stompernet is a complete scam, they will NOT STOP billing my credit card. This guy Brad Fallon is a selling junk!!!

  13. For the record, I have not actively promoted for StomperNet since the Net Effect Launch over a year ago. I was one of their top 20 partners for that launch though, yes - and I actively tried to assist with support during the issues afterward, including a trip to StomperNet headquarters to discuss the issues.

    It's really a shame that launch went south, as the product is awesome. I still receive my subscription of TNE and really enjoy it. That said, I'm not happy with how things were handled, and am not actively recommending it for that reason.

  14. christopher hunter says

    Stompernet is a scam, I joined 2 months ago and they have not delivered even half of what was promised.

    The incubator program is a joke and the masterminds are a waste of time. I got stuck with a mastermind leader (the person who is supposed to give you direction) who didn't seem to have a clue about internet marketing and spent most of the sessions asking US for drection.

    Also, none of the $20,000 worth of bonuses were delivered yet they passed members emails on to dozens of other marketers so that they could spam us.

    Members are told *AFTER* they join that they have to pay extra for the most recent content which means limited members paying $200 per month are left with all the out of date content.

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