Membernaire Review: Membership Site Help

Membernaire is Jimmy D. Brown's 12-month Start a Membership Site training program. The sales letter states that you can start a membership site (and be taking orders) in just 48 hours.

The good news is that this course promises a much easier way to do that than the traditional methods. Which are not easy, I might add. My personal experience has included pulling my hair out on more than one ocassion. 😛

That being the case, and Membership Sites being such a widely recommended method of making money online, it's worth looking at a better way to set up and manage them - and a better way for your members to get more value from your offer.

I have walked through every inch of the sales letter, and the entire 52-week training program, and will give you my personal review...

Membernaire Format

Membernaire is delivered via email, one lesson per week for 52 weeks. The lessons are in PDF format which makes them easy to print and read offline if you choose. I like this format because I can create a 3-ring binder which each lesson, along with my own notes, and easily keep up or refer back to previous notes/lessons.

In addition to the weekly lessons, there are time-released bonuses every 90 days and several built-in "surprises" (templates, tools, coaching, etc). There is also a bonus at the end of the course.

It's worth it to take the course step-by-step and follow the lessons each week, which each include an assignment to complete. This keeps you in constant action, doing the right steps in the right order to get you exactly where you want to be.

While you might be tempted to try to do it all at once, this is actually a huge mistake. Impatience is what feeds you directly to the "get rich quick" wolves.

If the 52-week format prevented you from taking this course in the past, you'll want to reconsider. Jimmy will have you up and running quickly and easily, and then continue to lead you through the steps to make it a super successful venture throughout your first year.

If you've ever tried to set up your own membership site, or just researched the idea, you already know how complicated and frustrating it can be to go it alone. The very thing that might deter you from this course (the time-release format) is actually what will make it work for you.

Membernaire is set up in the exact same format that it teaches you to use, so not only do you get the step-by-step training but you also get a perfect example to go by as well. A smart person would pay close attention to the model in front of them as much as the lessons themselves.

Keep in mind that the first year is spent setting up your membership site and your content in this new format, and basically getting the ball rolling. But after that it will continue to run on autopilot for you for years to come - unlike a traditional membership site which will require your constant input week after week (after week, year after year).

All you'll need to get started is one sales page, one article, an autoresponder and a recurring billing processor - such as ClickBank or PayPal. That's it.

Membernaire Lessons

Each lesson is delivered on the same day every week, with a download link to the PDF file for that week. They contain the training and creative ideas to keep you moving forward on the right steps (in the right order), and also include an assignment to complete so that you'll be making tangible progress on your membership site every single week.

No information overload - just one action step after the other to get you started, get your membership site established right away, and seeing results week after week.

Here's a breakdown of the first 10 lessons:

  • How to Set Up Your Membership Site in 48 Hours or Less
  • Quick Start 1: Preparation
  • Quick Start 2: Presentation
  • Quick Start 3: Production
  • Quick Start 4: Promotion
  • The "Magic Sentence" That Keeps Subscribers Paying
  • How to Double Your Profit In One Easy Step
  • How to Keep Subscribers Active (Part 1)
  • How to Keep Subscribers Active (Part 2)
  • Turning On Your Built-in Profit Booster

As you can see, the Membernaire training program is broken down into action steps that are laid out in a very specific order. The first month will have you up and running, with the strategies getting more advanced as you expand and progress on your already established membership site.

Included in Lesson One:

- How to set up your Membership Site in 48 hours or less
- A 10-step startup checklist broken down into action steps
- How to create the perfect first lesson in your Membership Site
- How to drastically improve the average retention rate right out of the gate
- 4 simple things to do to manage your site in as little as 2-3 hours a week

Is Membernaire Right For You?

Is Membernaire "newbie safe", is it for semi-advanced Internet Marketers, can you really have a membership site set up in 48 hours or less, how technically complicated is it, will it attract members in a variety of niches? All good questions, and the very things that I set out to determine in my review.

Jimmy states very clearly that: "If you are an experienced online marketer you'll be able to get your Membership Site up and running within 48 hours. If you are a beginner at online marketing, then we'll take the next four lessons to explain thoroughly how to get each of the preliminary steps completed."

Basically if you can choose a niche market, create a web page, set up a paypal button or a ClickBank account, and know how to use an autoresponder... you could literally have your Membership Site set up in the same day. And if you don't know how to do those things, no worries - Jimmy walks you through each step.

It's reasonable to expect people at different skill levels to progress at a different pace. Jimmy takes that into consideration throughout the course, making sure that advanced marketers don't get bored and that complete newbies have all of the details and resources to make steady progress at the same time.

Over the first few weeks you'll learn the entire foundation of setting up a working format. The first lesson includes 10 steps that are broken down in order of action, and you are also given an estimated time of completion. For example, your first step is to choose a market and topic and you're given 60 minutes to complete this step.

Follow Jimmy's action plan and set an egg timer for each step, going through them in methodical order. You'll find that it keeps you incredibly focused on the task at hand, making very obvious progress from one step to the next. It's a no-brainer!

Everyone keeps asking for a "hold my hand, step-by-step blueprint"... and Jimmy has definitely achieved this with Membernaire.

But can a complete newbie do this?

The short answer is YES. The first lesson gives an assignment for both advanced marketers, and for newbies. Over the next few lessons Jimmy gives "beginner baby steps" for completing the 10-point checklist to setting up your Membership Site.

Those initial lessons actually go into great detail to help you come up with a topic & market, including a bonus download where Jimmy actually gives you 20 additional Membership Site ideas. Whether you use one of those ideas yourself or not, the examples really open your eyes for creative ways to use this method to make recurring income in a variety of niches (highly valuable!).

You also get specific instructions on registering a domain name, choosing a web host, updating your nameservers and any other little technical tasks to the process.

The only real requirement to succeeding with Membernaire is your commitment to open and read your lesson each week, and complete the included assignment. If you neglect to do this, no matter your skill level, you'll fail - simply put.

The price is also time-released at $27/month. What you get across several trainings each month is WELL worth 27 dollars. You can cancel anytime, and it’s covered by ClickBank’s 8-week refund period and Jimmy’s personal guarantee. There’s no real risk here, and the price is actually super low.

Most people couldn’t (or wouldn’t) afford a course of this magnitude if they had to pay for the entire course upfront - not to mention the information overload. In later lessons, Jimmy covers:

- How to sell your membership sites for profit
- How to use videocasts, includes idea templates & specific strategy
- Guide to interviewing for content
- Constantly increasing profit potential
- Resources for finding/brainstorming content (loved these!)
- Sets of mindmaps & checklists
- How to become *very* influential with your subscribers
… etc.

In lesson #42 he gives members a free copy of a $67 product. Just some examples of what all is involved with Membernaire.

If you're ready to put this highly profitable method of Internet Marketing to work for you, click here to get started. You'll receive Lesson One immediately and can go ahead and get started today.


p.s. I found Membernaire to be very easy to follow, and chock full of examples and creative ideas. Even if you are a complete newbie and have no clue what type of membership site you would like to start, you'll quickly be able to come up with a topic and have one set up in a matter of weeks!

I also really like the suggested format taught for the actual membership site. Having signed up for Membernaire, which uses the format it teaches, I found that it kept me engaged and kept me opening Jimmy's emails week after week. No other membership site has ever held my attention like that. Period.

............................... Click here to get started! ...............................

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  1. I'm enjoying the membernaire course. I'm part way through and must agree with your review. I would say for absolute beginners though that getting it up and running in 48hrs although possible you don't have to do it so fast. There's a lot of information in an easy to digest format but with a lot of information comes a lot of work. 🙂
    Keep going and keep up....... ( as much for me as anyone)

  2. AnnaLaura says

    yes Lynn, I agree completely. I recently within the past month became a membernaire subscriber and although I am going to wait a bit before actually launching my site due to a large number of other projects on my plate, his emails do keep you going and curious as to what will come next. They are very well done.

  3. I am in the middle of the program right now and have been enjoying it. I really like the format and, like you, print out the lessons and put them in a binder.

  4. Patty Gale says

    Thanks for the great review, Lynn.

    While I haven't signed up to Membernaire yet, I do like the idea of having a nice simple membership not only for me, but also for prospective members.

    While I'm not a newbie, I've had 2 traditional membership sites in the past, installed & customized complex scripts, and honestly, they are a pain not only to setup and maintain, they can also be complicated to navigate from the members' perspective.

    This will be a nice change!

    • I agree Patty - as a Membernaire member myself, I really love the format. Like I said in my review, it actually keeps me engaged and actively involved with the content. Brilliant model!

  5. Hi Lynn,

    Whilst I value your recommendations highly, this course looks to me like it shows you how to set up an autoresponder, how to take a fixed length recurring payment from PayPal, how to write your articles, and how to drive traffic to the site.

    No disrespect, but all of these issues have been covered in great length in many places, including your blog and forum.

    What does this course offer that I can't find for free in the usual IM places?

    As I said, I value your recommendation, so if you say there is real value in this course that you won't get elsewhere then that means a lot. I'm just wondering WHAT the benefit is of this course?


    • The specific model was actually a unique idea to me. In addition to the step-by-step process of getting things set up, Jimmy shares some very creative ideas in every step (the man is an idea machine!). He keeps the training going throughout your entire first year, covering marketing & retention among other things.

      • Thanks for the reply, but I'm still not sure what he's offering that's new or unique. Before I shell out $324, I would like to be convinced that there's something I can't get elsewhere.

        Even with my limited IM experience, I can read into his sales letter that he's basically setting up a one-page site that is designed to get people to sign up for a paid autoresponder series.

        What's new about that? People have been talking about this idea for ages, and his only claim to uniqueness is the fixed time period for the AR series. Can't say that really excites me!

        The big issues here are still going to be finding a niche and driving traffic to your site, just like everywhere else in IM. There's more than enough info about those already available for free.

        As I said, I'm not trying to be cynical or critical, but overall the course is quite a lot of money for what appears, on the surface at least, to be nothing new. Maybe he explains it nicely, and it's set out in neat steps, but is that worth $324, when you can get the same info for nothing already?

        I would be interested in your further thoughts.

        Ta ra

        • If this is not something that excites you, and you feel confident that you already have all the pieces, then the product is not for you.

          What you get across several trainings each month is WELL worth $27. You can cancel anytime, and it's covered by ClickBank's 8-week refund period and Jimmy's personal guarantee. There's no real risk here, and the price is actually super low.

          Most people couldn't (or wouldn't) afford a course of this magnitude if they had to pay outright - not to mention the information overload.

          In later lessons, Jimmy covers:
          - How to sell your membership sites for profit
          - How to use videocasts, includes idea templates & specific strategy
          - Guide to interviewing for content
          - Constantly increasing profit potential
          - Resources for finding/brainstorming content (loved these!)
          - Sets of mindmaps & checklists
          - How to become *very* influential with your subscribers
          ... etc.

          In lesson #42 he gives members a free copy of a $67 product. Just some examples of what all is involved with Membernaire...

          • Thanks for the reply.

            I am excited about the idea, and have been for a while. I'm just not sure that he is offering anything new.

            I guess I've just bought too many IM products in the past that claimed to be step-by-step guides to making money. Very few of them offered anything genuinely new.

            Anyway, thanks for the comments.

            Ta ra

    • You asked some great questions, which prompted me to update the original post - so thank you for that. And good luck in your decision on whether to use this training, or other courses you already have.

  6. @TraciKnoppe says

    Hi Lynn
    Thanks for the review. I too am in the middle of taking the Membernaire course myself and thoroughly enjoy it. I'm learning TONS & it's worth every single penny I'm paying and then some. Seriously, I've been very disappointed with membership sites of late, but this one truly delivers.

  7. I stumbled on another website it says They will set up your own page for a starting fee of 7.95 dollars. It seems sensible don't you think?

    • It depends on your model. I was actually just looking at that this morning after a conversation with George Tran (developer). It's definitely a more active model to maintain. They also only integrate with PayPal & (at the moment). Not ClickBank or 1shoppingcart, etc.

  8. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for the detailed review. A few remarks/questions:
    I would have appreciated insight on some of the cons regarding this program. As it is, it looks too good, and I know there is no such thing.
    I am experienced in technology and programing, will this program provide more than an idea (a great one but the cat is already out of the bag) and some technical hand holding?

    • Yes, it also contains Jimmy's marketing insights, which in my opinion are invaluable. I am sure that I could have looked at the sales page, and given my years of exeperience figured out the model and then set it into motion without taking the course... but after reviewing the course, realized just how much I would have missed out on.

      The time-released format is great too, keeping you motivated and on task (no overwhelm with the project along the way).

  9. Hi Lynn,
    This is really a great series. The Affiliatenaire and Membernaire programs were the 2 that stood out to me the most when you posted the report by Jimmy D Brown. I signed up for the Affiliatenaire because I had previously decided to become an affiliate marketer, and I am enjoying the process. Since this is a year long program, what do you see as the pros and cons of joining the Membernaire at the same time?

    • It's completely up to you, and whether you feel comfortable doing both side by side. Affiliate Marketing and Membership Sites are two models that do go hand in hand, so I should think you'd get a lot out of both along the way. Especially if you're doing Jimmy's methods of Affiliate Marketing (ie building niche lists in the process)...

  10. Hi Lynn

    I'm a newbie and found this review extremely valuable. I apologize if my questions sound somewhat naive, but could not really find an answer in the review and other buyer's responses. As I still have a full-time job, I'm wondering if this model would be suitable as an extra income model. Considering that I have not yet chosen a niche to work in, how much time would you typically put in per week to operate this model, including studying (and applying) the course materials? Would it be more in the first weeks (months) and less later? At which point can you expect some considerable returns? Would you also need to invest in PPC advertising, or make any other major investments?

    Many thanks

  11. Hi Fred,

    No problem - your questions are welcomed here at ClickNewz 😉

    Yes, this is definitely suitable as a model you can do on the side, while still working your full time job. Each lesson comes one per week, giving you assignments to complete and the time to complete them.

    Since you have not yet chosen a niche or topic, you'll want to see my next post for brainstorming membership site ideas. That will teach you how to choose a topic/niche that will be *profitable*.

    Yes, there will be more time involved in the first few weeks, during the intitial phase of decision-making and actual set-up. After that you will be maintaining, marketing & growing on a weekly basis. I would recommend an hour a day devoted to this project, every day for the first few weeks.

    There are no other major investments, no. Most of the marketing work is totally free (I dont use PPC myself). And you can expect to see a profit in the first 90 days, easily.

    Hope that helps 🙂

  12. While going through the series of lessons, is it possible to move to the next lesson without waiting a week? I would prefer moving at my own pace.

    • No, the entire course is time-released, one lesson per week (with some bonus lessons thrown in here and there). This is actually a PLUS because it keeps you on task and on track with zero overwhelm or info-overload 😉

  13. David King says

    Continuity is an awesome business model!

    Why get paid once when you can get paid over and over right?

    thanks for the information! 🙂

  14. Peter Soos says

    Hi Lynn,

    I completed Membernaire this past winter. Here are my impressions:

    Everyone seems to be complaining about info overload in the IM field or high priced programs...Membernaire is set up in easily digested chunks of info with plenty of time to complete each part of the program before receiving the next.
    You can take a few hours a week and complete each lesson...great for those who wish to incorporate the course while still working a 'regular job'.
    Jimmie breaks everything down and gives alternatives to high priced membership models/software etc. You choose from plain simple to complex models.
    Membernaire will give you everything you need to get started and have a basic moneymaking site up so that you can make at least enough to pay the $27/month fee in a couple of months. If you can get a Paypal account and handle an auto responder (you supply those) you're good to go!

    An interesting aside...for those who wonder if this info is available anywhere else online, here's a thought. EVERYTHING...ALL knowledge is available online. Some of it is accurate...some is junk...if you can sift through it (have the time and savy to know what is trash and what is usefull).
    With that arguement...everything being there if you can find it yourself...then why do people pay for memberships to begin with. In my experience it is because people don't have the time to sift through it all and know what's good and bad. They just want it condensed into bite sized pieces...and they are willing to pay for it. Fast food verses home cooked meals proves that model valid...LOL.
    I will be offering a coaching program using a membership model in the very near future (not to IMers) and the Membernaire course has helped me in breaking it down. Thanks for the info,
    Peter Soos

  15. Hi Lynn,
    Great review. I am taking both Affiliatenaire and Membernaire courses at the same time. I also work a full time JOB and babysit my 23 month old grandaughter in my spare time. 🙂

    Let me start by saying that I have been trying to learn affiliate marketing for about 1 year now. The only experience I had online when I started out was very minimal. I didn't know what an FTP, or autoresponder, or anything else was for that matter. I still didn't know what an FTP was when I started these 2 courses by Jimmy. I have been a student for 7 weeks, this week starts my 8th week. I have learned so much more than I have on other membership sites and other products that I have bought.

    Fred asked about how much time would be needed to put into these courses. I don't have a lot of free time. (I left out that I also have a 15 month old Lab pup that requires alot of exercise.) I get my lessons on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and like you print them out and place them in a binder. I read them in the car while my husband and I are driving to and from work. Then I implement the "homework" mostly on Saturday and sometimes on Sunday afternoon.

    I have to say that I love doing this and it really doesn't feel like work. I think that it is taking me longer because I really didn't have a clue as to what I was doing before I started these. And I have not felt overwhelmed yet. 🙂 Jimmy definately breaks things down for newbies to understand.

  16. Color Printing says

    This will be a wonderful learning resource on starting a membership site. Since the course is laid out over a number of weeks, this ensures continuous learning and updating of lessons. The assignments will be a nice exercise in applying what concepts have been learned for the specific lesson. For those who are really serious about starting a membership site, then this will be a great course to take. Thanks!

  17. Hey Lynn,
    I was debating purchasing this product but did so on you're recommendation. I love Jimmy Brown and have some of his other products. I got the first week and I am debating my topic. I have so much IM PLR content on my computer that I could easily have enough info. I've always been facinated with marketing as it was my
    favorite business class, and the task I liked most when I had my nown business for a few years. Is it your opinion that IM is a pretty crowed field and would be a tough market to crack.

    • Hi John,

      My advice is to go big in ONE market. To put everything you've got into one topic, from start to profit, until you have a successful website that is automated as much as possible and running at full profit potential.

      Since you already have I would go with that topic. You could target the new user, and then every site that sells acoustic guitars (your competitors) could potentially become your affiliates - sending you buyers.

      Marketing is fun, but it's most fun when you're actually *doing* it. As for the IM market, I don't necessarily think it's too crowded or a tough market to crack. Relatively speaking, there aren't that many *good* IM teachers. That said, it's a very volatile market and cutthroat industry - and not near as fun as selling guitars... or elvis bobbleheads... or patio furniture... or whatever.

  18. Sally Sales Job says

    Lynn that was a really great review on this product, thanks so much. Its great to see that its user friendly for complete newbies, cause if it wasn't it could be a little intimidating.

  19. Hi, I liked your review a lot. Although I yet wanted to ask you, if this course is newbie safe? I am new to internet marketing and dont even have a website of my own. Does Jimmy's course go in detail as to how to setup a website as well?

  20. I have to throw in my two cents here. I am on Lesson 5 of Membernaire and it's GREAT! The format is good for those of us who lead busy lives and the content is awesome! Go ahead and sign up. You'll be excited to see [Membernaire} in the subject line of your inbox.

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